2019 Partner Family


Jeremy Evans — Age 40

Tiffany Reynolds — Age 37


Dakota Reynolds — Age 17

Delany Evans — Age 9

Destiny Evans — Age 4

Dominic Evans – Age 2

Jeremy Evans and Tiffany Reynolds became one of Habitat’s Partner Families in December of 2016. They first applied with Habitat in February of 2016 but were not selected. In August, they reapplied and earned the opportunity to become a homeowner.

Since being accepted into the program they have done a great job completing sweat equity and attending partner family classes. They have nearly completed all of their sweat equity and have completed all of their education classes.

They have been focused and hard working in their pursuit of completing the partner family program and qualifying for the opportunity to purchase a Habitat home. It’s been impressive to watch because the family has the challenge of caring for their daughter Destiny who suffers from a rare form of Spina Bifida. Destiny is confined to a wheelchair and has had many

surgeries over the years. The family travels to Harvard University a few times a year so that Destiny can be monitored by doctors to track her progress in dealing with her Spina Bifida.

Destiny is the major reason why the family applied for the Habitat Partner Family Program.

Right now they live on the second floor of an apartment complex and it’s difficult to get Destiny’s wheelchair up and down the stairs to get her to her medical appointments. The family is hoping to have a 1 story Habitat home that can accommodate Destiny’s wheelchair and meet the family’s needs. They anticipate caring for Destiny for her entire life.

Because Destiny needs constant care, Jeremy made the difficult decision a few years ago to quit his job and stay home and care for Destiny full time. Jeremy takes a break from caring for Destiny on Saturdays when he typically comes in and volunteers at the ReStore to accumulate sweat equity hours.

Tiffany and Jeremy have faced a lot of challenges. Having the opportunity to purchase a new Habitat will be life altering and significant. They have been great partners and are very excited to become Habitat homeowners.