Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lots going on today.; we had three volunteers + 5 folks from golden hammer, Tom, Steve, Bob and myself. Dave was there in the morning but had to leave for an appointment. 

The following work status; Siding started, the side, front and back have been sided up to the window tops. Garage and gables need house wrap before siding. Personnel door has been installed in the garage.There is house wrap and ladders in the POD.  Garage door could be installed, not who has that item. 

Roof ridge vent and shingles were installed this afternoon. WE NOW HAVE ELECTRIC. 

Items for tomorrow, continue siding, install door hardware to secure house. Interior caulking of framing. 

Need Saws All either fixed or replaced. TRASH needs to be picked up. PLEASE try to keep trash secure, we need to be good neighbors and not let trash blow into other yards. 

The following could be returned to Habitat:

    The hard hats

     The roof harnessed

      The generator and gas cans

      Anything else no longer needed on site. 

All in all a good day, except fort he off and on rain.



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