Thursday, June 8, 2017

Great day for working at Little Richmond.  Three CtBS regulars (Jerry, Rick and myself) plus a mother and son from the STEM school.

Task accomplished:

*  Generator, gasoline cans, extra hard hats, window tape, concrete nails, roof ropes, and other items not needed were returned to Habitat.

*  Items including insulation, plastic plumbing pipes, plastic chairs, etc. were moved inside the house.

*  Locksets including deadbolts were installed.  The house is now secure and the keys for the house are in the top drawer of the podium.

*  Posts for the front porch have been cut and will be installed tomorrow.  As the porch is to be finished with brick, some of the siding installed earlier will have to be removed.

*  All exterior walls have been caulked.  A quick review looked pretty good, but a more detailed review would be appropriate.

*  Nailing strips for drywall have been added to the boxed in ductwork down the main hall.

*  The inside attic opening has been boxed in for insulation.

*  The garage concrete and the porch concrete have been sawed for stress joints  (Keith).


Still plenty of work including:   remove porch siding, complete and or finish siding on other sides of the house.  Tyvek on house gables and then siding.  Interior door base plates need to be cut out.  Porch posts to be installed.  POD looks great after blitz week, but more organization would be great. 

Bob Duplain

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