Friday, June 9, 2017

We had three volunteers and Karen and  I on Site today.

Work Accomplished: 

Tyvek was installed on the east and west gables and the partial gable at the porch.

The two half posts were installed  on the porch, the siding  recut and installed as needed. And finished the front over the big window.

Added the nailing boards for the porch soffit and installed f- channel ( Do not install soffit  on porch until after ruff inspection.)

Work to be done:

Tyvek  garage gable – do not nail tyvek at the 3 inch nail pattern so  inspector can see pattern and do not side the garage door end.

Install F  and J channel around house – Note-Be sure to drop F-channel down 2 inches on gables.

Continue siding –  East side is ready to be sided.

Install truss supports and L- blocks on gables- See layout or have Tim line up.

Foam around doors and windows – Material on site.

Start soffit around house after F- channels are up.

Frame in garage door interior – Tim has line up.

Box in closet for HVAC duct – Karen has line up

Supplies or materials needed:

Need more hurricane clip nails to nail garage straps.

Need white finish – 3 pcs.

Ready for the Faux brick material.

The plumber instructor stopped by and they will start Monday

We need to contain our trash so it does not blow into the neighborhood;  –  A dumpster is to be set on Monday

Making great progress and it look great.

Jerry Shell


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