Saturday, June 10, 2017

Roger and I had 5 volunteers from the base. Dave was there to check supplies and left.

Work Accomplished:

Garage gable tyveked and f channeled – pieces left loose for the inspector to see the nail pattern

Garage truss supports installed on one side of the garage

Doors and windows foamed – some with foam overflowing and some with not enough

HVAC duct box completed

Remaining tyvek for the cable by the porch completed

House swept and site cleaned of debris, ready for dumpster

POD organized

Work to be done:

See Jerry’s list from Friday

Tyvek attached on garage after inspection

Spray foam cleaned up around windows and doors

Supplies needed

Ice for cooler


Tim brought white nails, deck screws, and a finish strip

I gave him some hammers, gloves, and a handleless broom to take back to the Restore.  He will pick up the left over tar paper and nails on Monday.

Wonderful volunteers to work with today.



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