Friday, June 16, 2017

We had Steve, Ron and I and  nine volunteers  from Care Source.     Keith and Dave were there also.

  First I did not see the email about installing the bathroom fan so that did not get done. Could someone stop by Sat. and do  that?

  Fan is in the pod.


Completed the siding on the west wall and worked on the east wall.

Soffit was installed on the rear of the house an started on the east side.

All the J channel is up. The garage will be completed after ruff inspection.

Drywall nailers were installed in the heating duct chamber.

Several other interior items were completed

The plumbing was inspected and approved.

The broken window was replaced.   He gave us the cracked sash- can restore take it?

Work to Do:

Siding  Note: please be sure the vinyl siding is locked before nailing, We had to do some more tear down and reinstall.

Lots of  soffit to install.

Blocking for kitchen cabinets.  There is a kitchen layout hanging on the kitchen wall.

Paint doors, need to tape hardware before painting.    Paint and supplies on site.

Install facia after soffit is up.

Install porch posts – Need the third post that is on order.

Install baffles –  Baffles will be delivered with insulation.


Down to 2 cases of water

Out of ice

We are very close to be ready for ruff inspection especially with the electricians being on site on Monday.

Jerry Shell

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