Thursday, June 22, 2017

We had two partner family volunteers and (5) of us from  CBtS.

Work progress:   Installing the drywall in the utility room is almost done.

All the wiring holes have been caulked.

The three entry doors have been paint with two coats. Some touch up on the back door at the top.

The porch post have been pre-painted  with two coats.

All soffit is up on eaves.

Some facia was install but more to be done.

Plumbing vent boot was installed and external electrical outlet siding frames are in place.

Work to be done:  Kitchen cabinet blocking.

Finish drywalling utility room  then tape and mud seams.

Install baffles for insulation           To be delivered tomorrow.

Add 1 by 2 in window openings –  material on site.

Install vinyl siding in east porch wall

Drill and install porch post mounting plates.

Cut and install three porch posts

Finish facia on east gable.

If inspection is done there is a lot more to be done.


Supplies:       We need water

Gallon of white exterior paint

Interior paint  for utility room

Drywall tools

Drywall mud to do utility room

Staplers and staples

Need one more siding frame for and external electrical outlet.

Two 2 by 6’s –  8 ft

Per Norms email inspection is set for tomorrow, we hope early, and if approved we can do a lot.

Jerry Shell



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