Friday, June 23, 2017

We had our ruff inspection this morning and passed.  

On site today were Tim and I and (9) volunteers from Care Source and  we had a very productive day with a great group.

Work completed:

The utility room drywalling was finished and is ready for mudding and taping.

All the blocking was installed in the kitchen area.

All the baffles were installed.

The window 1 by 2 framing was completed.

Porch east side wall siding was installed.

Porch soffit was installed.

Porch posts were installed.

Insulation was delivered this afternoon.

No outside work was done due to the rain.

   Work to be done: Finish Facia on east gable.

Garage gable end can be sided and finish trimmed.

Insulation is a go.  Staplers and staples are on site. There is tape in the pod also.

Mud and tape the utility room.   Material on site

Supplies :   We still need more water

Interior wall paint for utility room

Drywall tools – soon

Jerry Shell


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