Thursday, June 29, 2017

There were three CBtS, three from the Baptist Church and two partner family persons on site today.

Work Progress:    The utility room was mudded and tape with the first coat.

All the insulation  was  completed by a very hard working Baptist group and looks great.

The energy star inspector was on site and gave us several minor changes,most are done.

The faux brick wall is  started and will be continued on the night shift.

The excess materials in the pod were collected and are ready for picked up by Carter Lumber

Tim took a load of excess materials and equipment and cardboard recycle.

We are ready for insulation inspection.

Work to be done:    We are running low.

Second  coat mudding on the utility room

Re locate the exhaust fan in the bathroom per inspectors recommendation .To remove hose kink.

This is being worked on on the night shift.

Continue installation of the faux brick. Also being worked on night shift.

Finish at the top of the brick wall and over the entry door.  Need to purchase material.

Trim around the porch posts. Material on site

Start drywall installation.

When will drywall be delivered?    If not before Wed. work is very limited.

I gave Tim a list of items needed. But scratch the Gallon of exterior paint.

We did have the drywall tape, two blades and a gallon of paint apparently taken from the garage over  the weekend.

Any word on water and electric connection?

Can the break be available next Thurs or Friday?

Jerry Shell


Night Shift

We had a good evening with John and I, Bob and Janet and 2 partner family volunteers.

We were able to complete the faux brick under the porch. The area over the door still needs to be finalized.

We moved the wood in the back so we can begin work on the rear deck. We moved the bathroom fan but have questions about the height of the fan. This will be resolved tomorrow.

We also checked and retaped the insulation where the paper had been torn.

Overall a good night but because of limited activity the volunteers left early.

Looking forward to receiving drywall before next Thursday evening.



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