Thursday, July 6, 2017

Today we had Bob,Rick and I plus one partner family volunteer and Ken joined us after lunch.

Work progress:   We completed dry walling  the garage ceiling and one and 2/3 of a second bedroom.

Some of the extra osb was add to the garage attic to provide a storage floor.

The top brick paneling was fastened in place.

Work to do:         Dry wall – Dry wall

Utility room still needs some more sanding and a second mud coat.

Porch post base trim.

Wrap aluminum trim on porch.

Supplies            Interior paint to paint the utility room.

One more J- Block   -Tim knows what I need.

Hold the  metal break  delivery until the garage door is installed –  after July 18th.

Jerry Shell

Evening Work Crew:

We had John, Dave and myself and 3 Knights.

We completed drywalling the ceilings in the bedrooms, the kitchen, entry area and about 2/3 of the family room. Also completed several closets.

I did not caulk the brick area as the color match was off.

A very good night and it was great to have Dave join us.


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