Friday, July 7, 2017

There were no volunteers on site today. Dave was in site awhile in the morning  and I stayed until noon.

Work done:    The hose bobb water line to the front was repaired.

The porch post base trim was cut,installed and caulked and is ready to be painted

(I was short two small pieced if cedar trim to complete the one half post but found a

short length of cedar at home that I can finish that when I return in a week.)

Work to do:    Lots of dry wall

Finish sanding the utility room.

Paint the porch post trim.

Insulate at the top and bottom of the electrical panel box before dry walling.

When dry walling at the two hose bobb shutoff valves, cut and install the access plates –

( The access plate are with Daves plumbing  supplies )

Do not dry wall at the tub drain end until Dave installs the drain trap

See Norms email  about the caulk and utility room painting.

PS             Al just a reminder I will not be on site Thurs. or Friday 7/13 and 7/14.  And Karen will not be available Friday or Saturday                  714/ and 7/15.

Jerry Shell

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