Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Very good work day today, with 3 hard-working volunteers and Steve, Tom, and I. We completed drywall in east 2 bedrooms, and started the 3rd. Thought we were in Kansas about 3 pm as we witnessed tree limbs, trash cans, 2 small dogs and a goat blow down Little Richmond Blvd. When the port-o-let went down we called it a day, just as power went away.

So some contact needs to be made with whoever regarding the crapper.

Plenty of drywall sheets to hang.

We found many screws that were not fully set, and tried to fix those. It’s always a challenge to monitor all volunteers, but it’s worth it to not have to go back and re-screw.

Found the east bedroom window wide open upon arrival this am. No damage inside, and it doesn’t appear that anything is missing, ( but I’m not sure what was there.)

Bob Gray

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