Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The day was closed to Habitat volunteers.   Dave Deger, Jerry Shell and I worked as CtBS volunteers.

Jerry and I completed all metal fabrication on the porch beams and garage door framing.  Chalking remains to do done.

Dave supervised the plumbing crew from Korrect who were there all day. The water line and sanitary line were installed.   The water line box and county shut off will be just to the right of the driveway. (Driveway may have to be a little bit narrower to avoid the box and shutoff.)  Just before 3:30 a leak in the water line was discovered on the county side of the shut off.  The county was called and Korrect and Dave were waiting their arrival.

The Korrect backhoe operator dug the trench in the back yard from the electric box to the house.  Some manual digging will be required as he was not able to get up against the location of the box due to our electric post.

A first coat of drywall mud was completed prior to today.    As a first coat, it looks good.  Corners of rooms and closets were still damp.  All windows and doors were left open the entire day to expedite drying.  Many spots were still damp at the end of the day.  Joints have been covered on the ceiling, but no stomping.  With first coat sanding and second coat drywall and sanding yet to be done,  I do not think that any painting on the walls can be done prior to Saturday.  Even Saturday will depend on when the next coat of mud and ceiling stomping is complete.

Materials needed for painting:   (Five gallon pales of paint are on site.

Full size rollers and covers. (Currently have two covers and rollers.)

Brushes (Currently have two.)

Roller pans  (Currently have none.)

Mixing blade and screens for the five gallon buckets.

Shop vacuum

Floor Scrapper

Once yard work starts we will need a wheel barrow and rakes.

We need chalking to match the grout of the brick on the front porch.

To move ahead the drywall needs to be completed asap and after some rains the yard will need to be final graded.

Bob Duplain


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