Friday, July 28, 2017

There were three hard working volunteers, Dave D. and I on site today.

The dry wall mudding is not done yet.  The final coat has been completed and the ceilings are stomped but some of the corners were still damp yet this afternoon.   The final sanding may be able to be done tomorrow but the drywall contractor will have to make that call.

All the cabinets, counters, trim and doors were delivered this morning about 9:30.  And Tim delivered the trim paint, paint tools and a Vacuum unit.

Work progress:  The excess mud was scraped from the floors in the entire house and  the floors were swept.

The trench for the electric service was hand dug to the house and to the DP and L feed post.  It is ready to lay wire.

All the trim boards were painted the 1st coat. No door were painted.

A new ground rod was located to the east  to be out of the concrete pad at the back door.

Aluminum trim was caulked.

Work to do:   Clean  excess mud out of the electrical outlets.

Clean  excess mud off the  exterior doors, door hardware  and all the windows and window frames.

Clean the bath tub and tub walls

Paint second coat  on  all trim boards and paint all doors  first coat.  All paint and tools are on site.

When finish sanding is completed start painting interior walls.    All paint and  tools are on site.

Ice is needed.

Norm to get caulk to match porch grout.

Jerry Shell


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