Saturday, July 29, 2017

Today was a very good day at the build. We had Bill, Leo, J. W, Amanda, myself and a great surprise in having Karen Clute back. A second surprise came at noon when Cherelle and her daughter joined us.

Due to the efforts od this fine crew we applied the second coat of paint to all of the trim. We then applied the first coating to the 8 bypass doors.

We cleaned the electric outlet boxes of compound and also cleaned the hinges and the out side doors for drywall mud residue.

Karen jumped right in and cleaned the bath tub and we cut a cover for the tub.

Because we still had walls that had not had the final sanding we did not start the wall painting. Nearly all the rooms had some areas that needed attention. The bathroom may not have had the second coat of drywall mud.

Cherelle was so excited to see the progress on her home. She is so appreciative of everyone’s efforts in building her home. Thank yous were in every sentence she said. A big surprise to me was that she had never painted before. She was excited to learn this new skill. She is a fine partner family for CtBS.

Tasks for Tuesday are:

– Apply the second coat of paint to the 8 bypass doors

– If the walls have be sanded  we can clean them of all dust and them apply the first coat of paint.

– We also need to clean the mud residue from all windows.

– Because we were painting in the bedrooms we did little vacuuming for fear of generating dust. The house should be vacuumed after the mudder’s are finished.


Overall a very good day!

Welcome Back, Karen.



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