Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We had a hard working crew of 4 CtBS folks and 2 volunteers. The word for today was PAINT. All walls except for the two side bedrooms and the laundry have two coats of paint. Maury went out and purchased several roller handles as the two on site were not sufficient for 6 people. Thanks, Maury.

The game plan for tomorrow is to put the second coat on the three remaining rooms, the trom is to be moved into the living room area in order to make room in the garage so that the doors can be painted.

Does anyone know when we will have water on site? Sure could have used it today. We were able to get by with the water Bob drained from the coolers and some gallon jugs he brought.

Does anyone know when the electric will be installed and hooked up?

Does the garage ceiling get painted?

Thanks for a great crew today,



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