Thursday, August 3, 2017


Onsite today were four Ctbs volunteers (Jerry, Rick, Dave and myself) and three repeat Habitat volunteers. A great crew, all with experience, and ready to work.

Dave turned on the water and checked for issues and leaks.  We hooked up our hose to the rear faucet and now have a cleaning station in the backyard away from the house.

DP&L laid the electric line in the backyard trench.  This will be buried Friday or Saturday so we will be ready for the electrician to complete installation of electricity into the house.

All rooms have now been painted two coats.  The sweeper filter was repaired and some minor cleaning was done, now that the unit does not blow dust all over.

All frame doors were taped and painted one coat with the exception of two doors.  All doors (framed and slider) need a second coat of paint.  Framed doors can be put back in their frame and hung as we have the compressor and nail guns (delivered by Tim at the end of the day).

Door trim and baseboard all have completed two coats of paint.  The window sills also have two coats of paint.  Installation ready.

Cabinets were moved inside the house as the garage is filled with painted wood trim and doors.  Shelving is inside the house, but will need to be cut to length for each closet.

Norm,  we will need a mailbox with 4×4 post and concrete.

After the electric line is buried, we need to schedule Synergy to do yard grading, so that the driveway and backdoor pad can be started and completed.

Bob Duplain


We had John Belt, Pam Johnson, Ted Schorr and myself there this evening.

The window sill were cut all edges rounded, installed and then caulked.

Ted also caulked around the windows where the drywall side panels met the window frame.

John filled and sanded all the door frames where needed.

Pam and I painted the remaining doors and applied the second coat on several others. We stopped because the drips on the edges were still wet and could not be removed with out leaving a mess.

The door frames and the doors can be painted tomorrow. Also the window sills can be painted

The trim can be installed in the family room and around the rear door.

Overall a good night


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