Friday, August 5, 2017

There were  two volunteers and Ken and I on site today.

Progress:   Continued the door and door frame painting.

Completed the sill installation and the trim under the sills and caulked.

Put casing around the three exterior doors.

Installed some base board in family room.

Put casing around the attic access door.

Cut all the shelving for the bedrooms closets, pantry and linen closets.

Work to Do:

Fill in the  trench for the electrical  service.  High priority so electric service can be connected.

Continue painting door and door frames.   Karen has been lined up  what doors have how many coats.

Sills  are ready to touch up paint.

Fill nail holes and caulk all casing that has been installed and touch up paint.

Install base board through out the house. Base board  should be shimmed off the floor with a base board spacer throughout house.

Install  shelving in closets. Hardware is in the pod.

Install the bi-pass door tracks.  Tracks are in the  family room.

Hope yard grading can be done soon.

Jerry Shell

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