Saturday, August 5, 2017

We had the Cozart’s family members on site plus Karen :  8 in the morning and 4 stayed over for the afternoon.

  • Several painted doors – on door was marked as having a first coat but that was only for one side.  That door needs a second coat on one side.  The door casings received one coat  and are marked 1 Coat on the painters tape om the hinges.  So there is some trim painting to do before the door frames are installed.
    • Speaking of trim painting – the back exterior door needs some caulking where shims were use to make the casing flush with the wall.  Caulk that and paint the shims and caulk.
    • There is less than half a gallon of trim paint left – I didn’t look to see if the trim for the attic entry hatch had nail holes filled and was painted.
  • The baseboard and door trim is all in the house.  David and Eric cut trim but didn’t install it in several room,
  • David and I used the light for one last look for painting blems – blue painters tape is on the walls needing rework.  There is a drywall seam that needs a light coat of mud opposite the wet wall and near the shower surround.
  • The morning cool air was the perfect time to fill the power line trench and it is all done.  The dirt is mounded – so to Bob Gray or Norm – should a soaker hose be sued to get the dirt to compact or will the bobcat do that with the grading?
  • I cut the invasive bush back some so it will be easier to mow.  More needs to be done to make it look better – Bob Gray if you have opinion on what could be done let me know.
  • Karen filled nail holes and caulked under the sills.
  • Whoever works on closet shelving – the clothes rail center line should be 66” off the floor.  The closet brackets the front of the shelving fit into has a ply expanding clip to fasten the bracket to the wall.  Do this need to be drill? – if so bring a drill and a ¼” bit
    • For the linen closet shelving – I suggested 24” from the floor for the first shelf and the top one high enough you could reach to put blankets on.  Split the difference for the shelves in between. – Do theses distances make sense?
  • I didn’t look to see if a 4’ level was in the pod for installing the door frames or if there are shims on site.
  • Will need water for Tuesday.

Roger Duffy

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