Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Well it was an interesting day. We had one volunteer in the morning, and 5 CtBS folks. The day started with a major issue, the key for the POD broke off in the lock. The good news is that it was able to be opened, The bad news was that the locksmith could not get the key out of the lock. We were able to jamb the doors on the rear to keep them from being opened. We then used the lock from the rear to secure the front. Norm will be sending out another lock tomorrow morning with 4 keys. Somehow we need to figure out how we will distribute the four keys. The key you currently have will no longer work.  

The shelves were installed in the closets, except for the pantry and linen closet.

All doors have been installed, and the majority have been trimmed.

Nail holes puttied.

Kitchen cabinets have started to be installed, wall cabinets up on the left wall of the kitchen.

WE HAVE ELECTRIC. DP&L hooked us up this afternoon. Use the outlet in the laundry room.

Trim paint is still needed.

The 2×4’s in the back need to be moved to the garage. The large rocks in the back need to be disposed of. The temporary electric pole needs to be removed. Then grading needs to be done and the drive and walkway also needs to be dug out.

The electrician needs to move the switch on the wall at the laundry. I taped up notes to show where. It was not installed according to the plans.


The installation of the baseboard  and trim needs to continue.

The kitchen cabinets need to be continued.

Install the sliding doors in the closets. The sliding doors will need a 2 inch forstner bit to install the pulls.


– – – – – – – – –

Hi everyone,

Use this drawing as a guide for shelf spacing. Dimensions are to the top of the shelf.


It is OK but not necessary to hit studs with the shelf clips. They are designed to be installed not more than 12” apart. Drill the holes with a ¼” bit and use the supplied clips as designed. If you do hit a stud you can cut the anchor back off the clip as required.

A soaker hose will help settle the dirt in the ditch. I’ll send more interior trim paint on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone.

Norm Miozzi

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