Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day Crew:

Welcome back Bob Swab !!   Bob made it to our site today just in time to lead the chalking of nails in the base board and door trim.  He looks great and made a huge contribution to our efforts.

On site today were Ctbs folks (Jerry, Ken, Rick, Bob and myself) and four volunteers( Sinclair CC and husbands). A generally very experienced group and very hard working group.

Accomplishments included:  hanging all slider doors, installing door knobs on most of the interior doors, completing all baseboard and door trim, chalking nails throughout the house, completing all shelving (except the linen closet), and moving all wood from the back and side of the house into the garage.  Ken arrived about noon and made significant progress with the kitchen cabinets.

Tim brought us a new lock for the POD with four keys.  Jerry, Ken, Al and myself have keys.  We have asked Al to make more keys for everyone who had one for the old lock.  Before you get a new key we will arrange for a handoff each day.


Getting flooring materials for the laundry room, furnace room and bathroom. (This work could be started Friday or Saturday if we had the materials.)

Getting a date from Synergy to grade the yard.  (Not getting this done is going to delay the driveway, back porch and sidewalk.)

Without getting these two items completed, our progress will be greatly slowed down or stop by next week.

Other work to be completed:

Sanding and painting of chalked and damaged spots.

Install linen closet shelving.

Install remaining door knobs and door stops.

Put trim around garage attic access.

Clean rocks in yard.

Clean front side walk of vegetation.

Start cleaning of the house.

Norm,  we have one case of water remaining…send some on the next delivery of materials.

Bob Duplain

Evening Crew:

It was John Belt and Myself this evening.

We finished the installation of the kitchen cabinets and also the countertops.

This will be the last Thursday evening for this year.

I’ll see you during the daytime.



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