Friday, August 11, 2017

On site today were Karen and I and four volunteers, two that were teens. The youngest did a great job cleaning and edging the front walkway.  We continued the caulking, sanding and touch up painting and some work still remains to be done.  The shelving for the linen closet is cut and the additional end brackets were purchased and the four shelves can be installed. Cut blocks of OSB to put on the floor to attach the center guide but need cement nails to fasten to the floor,  none on site.  The bi-pass door finger pulls require a 2 and an 1/16 or 2 and  an 1/8 inch Forester bit. The 2 inch bit I borrowed from Al was to small.   Does anyone have that size?

The vinyl floor material was delivered and can be installed in the kitchen and at the entry door.   The floor is marked and there is a layout view in the pod podium drawer.

Is a stove hood on order?  And will it require cutting a vent through the west wall?

We have ice for tomorrow and still one case of water.

Are Electrical and HVAC contractors on notice to do their finish work?  Dave stopped by this AM and plans to start his work soon.

Jerry Shell

Other information:

The correct bit is 2-1/8”. It is the same size as the one used to drill a lockset on a door. You can use a 2-1/8” hole saw. Drill carefully so you don’t go through the other side with the bit and then chisel out the core to about ½” depth. I will order the range hood. If there is a duct in the wall behind the hood, it will need to be cut out. Don’t do it until the hood is on site so you can accurately locate the cut-out. I will contact Detmer and Dillard to schedule their finish work.

Norm Miozzi

HFH of Greater Dayton

Folks, I have a 2 1/8 inch forstner bit that I will have on site on Wednesday.

I had 5 additional keys made this afternoon and will start making plans to get them out to the house leaders.

We are coming down to the end of another house and as always we have adapted and overcome.

Blessings to all,

AL .

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