Saturday, August 12, 2017

Karen and I and 2 MVH PT volunteers and Leo Hanus were on site.

  • I brought a soaker hose and saturated the soil over the power lines to settle it.
  • Work on baseboard nail hole filling was done and touched up.
  • The linen closet shelving is installed.
  • Leo drilled the recessed close door puls and installed the pulls.
  • Karen started installing the Congoleum flooring by the entry way.
  • The house and garage were swept.

See Jerry’s list from Friday – and I would add the following

  • Measure the windows for blinds and go to Lowes to buy them.  Make the width ½” narrower than the window opening/.
  • Get towel bars , a bathroom vanity and a bathroom medicine cabinet and mirror at Lowes.
  • Continue installing Congoleum.
  • Cleaning supplies for windows will soon be needed. Schedule final graing and driveway to base excavating.
  • Evaluate if more scrub brush can be cut back – watch for chiggers – they bite!

Looking ahead, Karen and I will both be gone August 19.  There may not be work by then except for watering but as a heads up – the site may be closed down August 19.

Roger Duffy


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