Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today we had 3 CtBS folks and 3 volunteers.

The entry and kitchen flooring have been completed. I took a truck load of stuff back to Habitat this morning. The POD is now clean and empty. While at Habitat I got a LOCK BOX from Norm. It has been installed on the front door. The combination is 1983. Please insure that the combination numbers are scrambled after you put the house keys in the lock box. Those of you who have the new keys for the POD please put them in the podium. The old ones you can keep or throw away.

We started to layout the forms for the sidewalk and the driveway. NOTE: we most likely will replace the driveway entry and sidewalk; they will remain the same shape as they currently are. The site plan shows the drive being curved inward to meet the apron, we feel a 45 degree is easier than trying to mess with any curves. The trim in the Mech. room has been caulked.

Tomorrow the floor in the mech. room can be laid, us the same material as in kitchen. Continue to work on the forms.

We departed 45 minutes early, just way too hot.



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