Thursday, August 16, 2017

On this warm humid day we had Ken, Bob Swab,Rick for a couple hours, one volunteer and myself.

Work progress:   Caulked the counter tops

Installed the kick boards and trim on the cabinets

Layed the vinyl floor in the utility room and about half finished in the laundry- hall area. ( with Norms direction)

Touched up the touch up on trim,doors and door frames and walls.

All windows were washed and frames cleaned.

Ken cut and installed the trim in the closet.

Norm stopped by and gave Ken and I a complete lineup  on how the drive way and rear door step should be formed.

Ken plans to construct the forms on Saturday. ( Ken, I purchased rebar for the rear door step.)

Work to do:    Four down spouts  need to be shortened.

Norm wants to put a drain under sidewalk at the garage east side down spout – Tim delivered drain pipe for that purpose.

Finish the vinyl floor in the laundry – hall area.

The bathroom MAY have the vinyl if the partner family concurs. Will                                       require more vinyl to do the bathroom.

As noted Ken and the Sat. crew will do forms on Sat.

Stove vent  will be delivered soon and  will require venting thru the west wall.

Blinds were purchased and can be installed.

Mail box can be installed after the concrete is poured.  Post will be just west of the apron.

The apron and several  public sidewalk panels must be replaced.

Norm, can we get mechanical  help to remove the broken  concrete?  Then the forms will have to be installed for the apron and  public sidewalk.

Jerry Shell



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