Friday, August 19, 2017

On Site today were Bob Swab,  one partner family volunteer and myself.

Work progress:   All blinds were in stalled.

A  permanent support board  for the sill plate was install at the rear door.

Continued laying the vinyl floor in the laundry -hall area. Two strips needed to complete.

Installed the vanity in the bathroom.  The counter has not been attached.

The house was appraised this morning. (Norm, the appraisers left their measuring wheel )

The pod was removed this afternoon.

Tim delivered the roller, some more steel form pins and more vinyl flooring material.

Work to do:        Install the vanity counter top.
Complete the forms for the dive way, walk way and rear step. (Ken and crew tomorrow)

Complete the floor on the laundry -hall and do the bathroom floor.

Purchase and install a medicine cabinet.

Install the towel rack.

Walks and apron still need to be broken up. removed and formed up.

Cut  off four down spout.

Has the attic been insulated?

The house look great and we are very close to our goal.  Have a great couple of weeks

Jerry Shell

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