Saturday, August 19, 2017

We had the K of C group from Council 1292 today.
We were able to set all of the forms. We will need a lot of grave for the driveway. After the gravel is in place we can add support around the forms. We built an installed the forms and rebar for the rear pad but I want clarification on the height of the forms to the door tread..
I will be onsight Monday morning to explain.
Also finished the floor in the hall / laundry room and started the floor in the bathroom.

Since the electrician needs to move a switch in the laundry room / hall it would be easier for him to do this prior to attic insulation.



If I understand you’re question,  the form should be  set 7 and 1/2 in. below the sill, in my opinion.

The support boards we put under the sill will have to be replaced with a wider board because there is a hole that will show,I think, below the support board. This occurred to me after I went home Thurs.  A 2 by 8 would  be 7 and 1/2 in. and define the height  of the step form.

Jerry Shell

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