Tuesday, August 22, 2017

We had a highly productive day at the worksite with 7 amazing volunteers from CareSource. Ken came by for a bit first thing in the morning, left and came back after lunch.

Work completed:

Tree/bush limbs were trimmed back and put in the dumpster

Interior walls/trim checked and sanded/repainted as necessary

Windows and sills cleaned

Bath floor finished except one final piece

Necessary sidewalk pieces and apron broken-up and removed to the dumpster

Gravel moved to start leveling process on drive and sidewalk

Ken cut back the downspouts

To do:

Move gravel to apron area and set up forms for sidewalk and apron – Norm is aware that we need stakes for the forms

Form up a 4×4’ pad for the air condenser and move gravel

Move gravel to rear step form

Finish bath floor

Put up mirror that Tim brought

Put up towel bar and toilet paper hanger

The rear door sweep does not touch the threshold and hopefully can be adjusted

Bob Gray

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