Thursday, August 24, 2017

Today was not a typical day as the front door knob and key box had been stolen from our house over night.  No key box means no way to get into the house.  Only damage to the front door was the ring around the door knob location was bent.  Ken is going to look for a plate that will connect the dead bolt and the door knob so that the impression will not show.  Norm:  we did not call the police or file a report, if you think that is necessary for us to do, please advise.  Norm sent us new door sets and dead bolts.  They are installed. You will need a new key to enter the house.  No more lock box.  Dave and Ken have keys.  Ken has one for Karen, Bob Gray and Roger.  I have keys for Jerry and Al.

Because we could not get into the house, we did yard work for a couple of hours.  I  brought my line trimmer, loppers, and hedge trimmers.  The back fence looks much improved, but still could use a small chain saw to further trim some of the small tree branches.  Rocks and trash along the fence line were put into the dumpster.  We gathered rocks in the yard and put many in the dumpster.  There is a very large concrete foundation piece in the middle of the back yard that a few strong crew members could toss in the dumpster.  We hauled dirt from the top soil pile in the back to reinforce the elevated driveway on the right side.

The backdoor threshold was adjusted and seems to be fine.

Much progress in the bathroom;  the last two pieces of flooring were laid, baseboard was installed, toilet paper rack and towel racks were installed, and the mirror/medicine cabinet was installed.  The cabinet top has NOT been installed.

All drain spouts were cut to the proper length.

All vinyl floors were washed, but with all the dirt and dust could be done again.  All vinyl floors have now been rolled.

The baseboard ends on the slider doors have been painted.  The baseboard on the front door closet was resized and painted.

Dave Deger was on site and he measured for plumbing fixtures and expects to have them on site next week.

The drain pipe was trimmed in the furnace room and is now level with the floor.

There is plenty of yard work and clean up remaining, plus the items mentioned above.

It is important that both the dead bolts and door handle locks be locked before leaving.   Without the front door dead bolt, last night’s visitors would have been in the house.

Norm has advised that the driveway will be poured next week.

All water on site is in the coolers, so more will be needed soon.

Bob Duplain

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