Friday, August 25, 2017

Tim will bring the range hood out this afternoon. It will need to be installed to vent to the outside. Please follow the instructions carefully. These are made so they can be vent-less, too, and normally the “flapper” needs to be moved and a cover plate installed so the air goes the right way….to the outside. You’ll also need to see what type of ducting is needed to go through the wall to the outside. If you catch the HVAC installer as he’s doing the finish work, he may be able to provide some guidance. You’ll also need to pick  up a 6-8” vent cap for outside on the siding.

Tim and Keith are planning to pour the concrete on Monday as long as the weather looks ok. Right now they’re showing a chance of rain in the afternoon but we’ll monitor it. If Monday doesn’t work we’ll set it up for Wednesday or Thursday. 2-3 helpers would be enough if anyone is willing to help.

Norm Miozzi

HFH of Greater Dayton

Ken was at the site to greet me, review the days work, and give my key and one for Roger.  Stephanie was the only volunteer.  I went to Lowe’s to purchase shoe molding.  All the molding was painted twice, the garage floor was swept, and the tools organized.  Caulking and touch up painting on the baseboards and door trims was completed in the kitchen, great room, hall, 1st bedroom, laundry room, and bathroom.  Blue tape indicates where some touch up wall painting is needed in the mentioned rooms.  The other two bedrooms and the hall closet still need inspected.

I will bring a chop saw tomorrow for cutting the molding which will be the main project.

The layout for the concrete looks great as does the house. Great job everyone.

The range vent was not delivered.



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