Saturday – August 26, 2017

House Leaders,

I am sending this out at Ken’s request.  Norm is hoping to pour the driveway on EITHER Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, if we can get a sufficient number of volunteers and the weather cooperates.

Can each of you reply telling me what days this week you could be available to help. I know that both Tim and Keith will be on site.

Currently I can only help Wednesday or Friday.

I don’t if we can get three or more we will be OK. Although the more the better.



I was at the site today with three volunteers.  All the shoe molding was cut for all the vinyl plank areas including the utility room.  Great job of estimating the exact number of pieces, Ken.  They are ready to be tacked.  There is a compressor on the site but not a hose or nail gun.  There are some long finish nails. Once the molding is installed, it can be caulked and painted as needed. The bifold door slide guides need to be installed.

Some additional cardboard floor covering was cut.  The bedroom baseboards were inspected, caulked and painted where needed.  There are  few places throughout the house that are marked with blue tape for wall paint including one window well in the bedroom and the linen closet which needs a lot of touch up.  The floor was swept.  We were done by noon.

The oven vent is on site, so it can be installed.  See Norm’s email for details.


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