Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thanks Everyone. Concrete is set up for tomorrow morning. Keith and Tim(am only for Tim) will be on site. After concrete is done, we can final grade, landscape, and sod. Carpet is in stock. Walk-thru is set for September 8th. We need to try to get all mechanical inspections this week since the following week is a short one.

Dave D., please make sure the plumbing inspection gets scheduled.

Norm Miozzi

HFH of Greater Dayton

Progress continued on site today. Ken came for the morning and nailed in the shoe molding, raised the rebar for rear porch, and screwed down the bath vanity top. Stephanie carefully touched up all wall surfaces that needed attention. I sanded, caulked and painted the shoe mold and base as needed. The electricians came early and completed fixtures, switches, and outlets, so there is power throughout the house. They were one fixture short and needed bulbs to test the fan lights, but will bring that when they come back to complete remaining work. I believe the garage door needs to be plugged in and could be  used with code 2017.

Still need to install range vent.

Still need to install sliding door guides.

One point of interest today was the blue tape on the port-o-let seat that reads “PHONE.” Various theories were discussed, but we declined to investigate further.



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