Thursday, August 31, 2017

Three CtBS folks on site today: Rick, Tom, and myself.

Concrete:  Cleaned up spills in the yard and over the forms and put in dumpster, washed concrete off front and back of house that had splashed during yesterday’s pours, Keith arrived with concrete saw about 2:30 and we cut joints in both the sidewalk and driveway, washed down driveway and sidewalk to avoid discoloration after cutting.

Yard:  drainage pipe from gutter was lowered and tapered to fit landscape, more limbs were cut on fence line,  two wheel barrow loads of rocks were picked up in the yard.  We gathered pea gravel to use for front sidewalk replacement..

Inside Cleanup:  bathtub was thoroughly cleaned, inside of all cabinets were swept and all floors were swept to accommodate carpeting on Tuesday, hole in laundry hall was re-mudded and will need to be sanded and painted.

Exterior doors:  front door lock was positioned to hide the impression from the event last week (I think it looks pretty good, but others may disagree), panel under each door threshold was painted with white exterior paint.

Garage:  swept  and wood used on concrete day was piled to the right.  Keith brought us another case

of water.


Mail box…Keith brought us a post whole digger.

Sidewalk…..Three panels need to be replaced.  The broken panels have been sawed and we have a spud bar to remove old concrete.  Forms will be simple with a left and right 2×4.  Touch up painting… no progress since Tuesday…all sides of tub (including top) need touchup,  numerous spots are marked.  Sand and paint in laundry room hall.

Counter tops…I believe that we usually use a silicon to seal the edges to the wall.

Stove vent…no progress…Keith was to talk to Norm.  This job may await Jerrys return.

Concrete forms can be removed after more dry time.


Carpet to be installed next Tuesday.  Measurements today.

Plumbing…Dave is saying next week, leaking tub faucet; toilet, two sinks, water heater to be installed.

Landscape plan…when and is the rectangular area between the garage and sidewalk to be all plantings.  If so, we could move some dirt from the pile in the back.

Insulation has been scheduled per Norm.

Heat Pump yet to be installed.

Electrical to be finished…range vent will need to be wired by electrician or us??

Bob Duplain


Sounds like things are going well. Please use regular caulk on the countertops so it can be touched up with paint if needed. Plumbing MUST be done by Wednesday so everything can be cleaned Thursday and ready for walk thru Friday. Dave, if you need help let me know tomorrow and I’ll get Carl to do the finish. I’ll check in with Detmer about the heat pump. Please get as much done tomorrow before carpet goes in on Tuesday…especially the messy stuff.

Thanks everyone.

Norm Miozzi,



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