Friday, September 1, 2017

Volunteer Stephanie and I competed the repair painting of the walls and trim except for the repair hole behind the door. It got sanded a little too much and need remudding. I caulked the bathroom counter.  The kitchen counter was already done.

Dave D was also there and with his usual attentive eye spotted a hole in the bathroom wall where the fixture had been moved.  I mudded and taped it as a first step of the repair.

I moved the boxed 4’ fluorescent fixture to the same bedroom closet with the bulbs and put it on the shelf so the carpet layers would not have to move it.  I also put the screens in the kitchen pantry closet for the same reason.  Is the fluorescent fixture going to be used or does it need to go back?

There are HVAC materials in the garage that they need to be picked up.  And there are some electrical parts on the bedroom window sill that need to be retrieved by the electrician.

Would it be appropriate to put a handle on the big garage door?

How about a finish strip on the edge of the bathroom vanity?  Would the one laying on the kitchen counter work?

The attic access panel could use a little paint.

Dave also reminded me about the bathroom exhaust fan and attic insulation.

Stephanie and I left at noon but Dave stayed to greet the plumbers who were scheduled to come and work on the plumbing as Dave is going in the hospital next week for more bladder scrapping.

FYI – I am a recent owner of a smart phone and put it my back pants pocket while I am on the site.  While using the port-a-potty, it fell out of my pocket.  Luckily it did not go in the hole.  To help me to remember to take it out of my pocket and take the chance of it falling in the hole, I put the “phone” sign on the toilet seat lid.😄​


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