Friday, September 8, 2017

Karen, Ken and I were on site today.

 Progress:  The second storm door was installed.

The pesky stove hood vent was completed and is working fine.

The kitchen blind was replaced after a failed attempt to remove the excess slats.

The screens were put in all windows.

We had the energy star evaluation and have some work to do to meet the five star rating. See below.

All the landscape plants and mulch was picked up and is on site.

Norm and  our home owner to be had a very successful walk thru in the afternoon.

 Punch list:   Landscape installation is on for tomorrow.

Sod is scheduled for Tuesday.

To help the energy star we need to put insulation in all door latch openings,

Install foam gaskets on all  light switch and electrical outlets. Gasket material is on site.

Need to dig out the end of the drain tile that is under the sidewalk at the garage southwest corner.

The kitchen floor will need a final cleaning.

Empty the garage of all items.

Kitchen blind to be have excess slate removed

Electrical inspection is on for Tuesday

Appliances are it be delivered on Tuesday.

The HVAC final hook up needs to be done.

The house looks great

Jerry Shell


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