Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eight Ctbs folks and Stephanie—all ready to work and put this house in the completed column.


* Sod, started and completed.  Looks great.  All bare dirt front and back is covered with grass.

* Electrical inspection, failed due to an incorrect circuit breaker to the furnace.

*Appliances, delivered and installed (by us).

*Garage, almost empty with three truck loads to Habitat.

* Sidewalk, thanks to Keith/Tim for pouring the three sections.  Taking off the forms was easy.


* Electricians’ three issues (door bell, great room fan, and furnace circuit breaker).  Needs to be done before occupancy inspection on Friday.

* Port a pot needs to be picked up..currently on driveway.

* Sod pallets need to be picked up..currently on driveway.

* Watering and final cleanup..Wednesday (Bob), Thursday (Jerry) and Friday (Karen).

* Pray for rain…some one was looking out for us as the day was mainly dry with some rain late PM.


* Sherelle and her two daughters arrived at the house as I was leaving.  Sherelle was in tears as to how beautiful the house looked with the landscaping and sod.  We went into the house and she saw the final product including the refrigerator and stove.  Her daughters said “can we stay tonight?”  A family that really appreciates all of this summer’s work by a great group of volunteers.


* Saturday @ 9:00 AM.  See you there.

Bob Duplain

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