Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stephanie and I were on site.

*  Garage was thoroughly cleaned with hose and scrapers.  Not perfect but much better.

*  Sidewalks and driveway were washed with hose.

*  Grass was watered and is now thoroughly soaked.

*  Kitchen and other vinyl floors were washed.

*  Carpets swept.

*  Electrician fixed doorbell and furnace circuit breaker.  Living room fan to be replaced as it is defective.

Punch List

*  Electrician to call for final electrical inspection. Inspection to be Tuesday, but time is unknown.

*  Keith is coordinating on occupancy permit.  Scheduling is for Friday.

*  Jerry to install kitchen base trim.

*  Even without further rain today, the grass likely will not need water tomorrow.  It is soaked and more rain will make it even more so.

Bob Duplain


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