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Friday, September 15, 2017

Keith and I were there to meet the inspector today.  He signed off on the electrical and the whole house.

Tim is going to pick up the skids later today.

They are supposed to pick up the port-o-let around noon.

Ken came and changed out the cover for the outside oven vent and installed a spacer in the cabinet where there was a gap in the corner joint.

I did run the hoses for a short time to keep to keep it wet and left around 10:00.

The house looks great.

Looking forward to seeing you all tomorrow.


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Stephanie and I were on site.

*  Garage was thoroughly cleaned with hose and scrapers.  Not perfect but much better.

*  Sidewalks and driveway were washed with hose.

*  Grass was watered and is now thoroughly soaked.

*  Kitchen and other vinyl floors were washed.

*  Carpets swept.

*  Electrician fixed doorbell and furnace circuit breaker.  Living room fan to be replaced as it is defective.

Punch List

*  Electrician to call for final electrical inspection. Inspection to be Tuesday, but time is unknown.

*  Keith is coordinating on occupancy permit.  Scheduling is for Friday.

*  Jerry to install kitchen base trim.

*  Even without further rain today, the grass likely will not need water tomorrow.  It is soaked and more rain will make it even more so.

Bob Duplain


Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Eight Ctbs folks and Stephanie—all ready to work and put this house in the completed column.


* Sod, started and completed.  Looks great.  All bare dirt front and back is covered with grass.

* Electrical inspection, failed due to an incorrect circuit breaker to the furnace.

*Appliances, delivered and installed (by us).

*Garage, almost empty with three truck loads to Habitat.

* Sidewalk, thanks to Keith/Tim for pouring the three sections.  Taking off the forms was easy.


* Electricians’ three issues (door bell, great room fan, and furnace circuit breaker).  Needs to be done before occupancy inspection on Friday.

* Port a pot needs to be picked up..currently on driveway.

* Sod pallets need to be picked up..currently on driveway.

* Watering and final cleanup..Wednesday (Bob), Thursday (Jerry) and Friday (Karen).

* Pray for rain…some one was looking out for us as the day was mainly dry with some rain late PM.


* Sherelle and her two daughters arrived at the house as I was leaving.  Sherelle was in tears as to how beautiful the house looked with the landscaping and sod.  We went into the house and she saw the final product including the refrigerator and stove.  Her daughters said “can we stay tonight?”  A family that really appreciates all of this summer’s work by a great group of volunteers.


* Saturday @ 9:00 AM.  See you there.

Bob Duplain

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Tom, Rick W., Al, and I were on the site today.  The guys planted the landscaping plants with the topsoil and mulch.  It looks wonderful.  I shorten the kitchen window blind and installed the foam insulators for all the outlets and switches.  I did not do any boxes that just had solid cover plates nor stuff insulation in the door jam closures.

A pile of scrap dirt was piled near the Habitat sign so it can be hauled away.

We left around noon.

Hope to see lots of folks on Tuesday for the laying of the sod. 😀​



Friday, September 8, 2017

Karen, Ken and I were on site today.

 Progress:  The second storm door was installed.

The pesky stove hood vent was completed and is working fine.

The kitchen blind was replaced after a failed attempt to remove the excess slats.

The screens were put in all windows.

We had the energy star evaluation and have some work to do to meet the five star rating. See below.

All the landscape plants and mulch was picked up and is on site.

Norm and  our home owner to be had a very successful walk thru in the afternoon.

 Punch list:   Landscape installation is on for tomorrow.

Sod is scheduled for Tuesday.

To help the energy star we need to put insulation in all door latch openings,

Install foam gaskets on all  light switch and electrical outlets. Gasket material is on site.

Need to dig out the end of the drain tile that is under the sidewalk at the garage southwest corner.

The kitchen floor will need a final cleaning.

Empty the garage of all items.

Kitchen blind to be have excess slate removed

Electrical inspection is on for Tuesday

Appliances are it be delivered on Tuesday.

The HVAC final hook up needs to be done.

The house looks great

Jerry Shell


Friday, September 1, 2017

Volunteer Stephanie and I competed the repair painting of the walls and trim except for the repair hole behind the door. It got sanded a little too much and need remudding. I caulked the bathroom counter.  The kitchen counter was already done.

Dave D was also there and with his usual attentive eye spotted a hole in the bathroom wall where the fixture had been moved.  I mudded and taped it as a first step of the repair.

I moved the boxed 4’ fluorescent fixture to the same bedroom closet with the bulbs and put it on the shelf so the carpet layers would not have to move it.  I also put the screens in the kitchen pantry closet for the same reason.  Is the fluorescent fixture going to be used or does it need to go back?

There are HVAC materials in the garage that they need to be picked up.  And there are some electrical parts on the bedroom window sill that need to be retrieved by the electrician.

Would it be appropriate to put a handle on the big garage door?

How about a finish strip on the edge of the bathroom vanity?  Would the one laying on the kitchen counter work?

The attic access panel could use a little paint.

Dave also reminded me about the bathroom exhaust fan and attic insulation.

Stephanie and I left at noon but Dave stayed to greet the plumbers who were scheduled to come and work on the plumbing as Dave is going in the hospital next week for more bladder scrapping.

FYI – I am a recent owner of a smart phone and put it my back pants pocket while I am on the site.  While using the port-a-potty, it fell out of my pocket.  Luckily it did not go in the hole.  To help me to remember to take it out of my pocket and take the chance of it falling in the hole, I put the “phone” sign on the toilet seat lid.😄​


Thursday, August 31, 2017

Three CtBS folks on site today: Rick, Tom, and myself.

Concrete:  Cleaned up spills in the yard and over the forms and put in dumpster, washed concrete off front and back of house that had splashed during yesterday’s pours, Keith arrived with concrete saw about 2:30 and we cut joints in both the sidewalk and driveway, washed down driveway and sidewalk to avoid discoloration after cutting.

Yard:  drainage pipe from gutter was lowered and tapered to fit landscape, more limbs were cut on fence line,  two wheel barrow loads of rocks were picked up in the yard.  We gathered pea gravel to use for front sidewalk replacement..

Inside Cleanup:  bathtub was thoroughly cleaned, inside of all cabinets were swept and all floors were swept to accommodate carpeting on Tuesday, hole in laundry hall was re-mudded and will need to be sanded and painted.

Exterior doors:  front door lock was positioned to hide the impression from the event last week (I think it looks pretty good, but others may disagree), panel under each door threshold was painted with white exterior paint.

Garage:  swept  and wood used on concrete day was piled to the right.  Keith brought us another case

of water.


Mail box…Keith brought us a post whole digger.

Sidewalk…..Three panels need to be replaced.  The broken panels have been sawed and we have a spud bar to remove old concrete.  Forms will be simple with a left and right 2×4.  Touch up painting… no progress since Tuesday…all sides of tub (including top) need touchup,  numerous spots are marked.  Sand and paint in laundry room hall.

Counter tops…I believe that we usually use a silicon to seal the edges to the wall.

Stove vent…no progress…Keith was to talk to Norm.  This job may await Jerrys return.

Concrete forms can be removed after more dry time.


Carpet to be installed next Tuesday.  Measurements today.

Plumbing…Dave is saying next week, leaking tub faucet; toilet, two sinks, water heater to be installed.

Landscape plan…when and is the rectangular area between the garage and sidewalk to be all plantings.  If so, we could move some dirt from the pile in the back.

Insulation has been scheduled per Norm.

Heat Pump yet to be installed.

Electrical to be finished…range vent will need to be wired by electrician or us??

Bob Duplain


Sounds like things are going well. Please use regular caulk on the countertops so it can be touched up with paint if needed. Plumbing MUST be done by Wednesday so everything can be cleaned Thursday and ready for walk thru Friday. Dave, if you need help let me know tomorrow and I’ll get Carl to do the finish. I’ll check in with Detmer about the heat pump. Please get as much done tomorrow before carpet goes in on Tuesday…especially the messy stuff.

Thanks everyone.

Norm Miozzi,



Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Good weather on site today, muddy ground though. Keith & Tim were there to guide our pour., I believe that we did about 13 cubic yards. The back pad, walk, driveway and the sidewalk and apron were all poured today. The bad news is that the concrete truck broke 3 more sections of walk. We did a sweep of the house and garage before leaving a little after 1:00. .

The range hood is still an issue; it appears that no ductwork to the outside was installed. The electrical switch in the laundry room has been relocated so the attic can be insulated anytime. There are probably some items in the garage that could be taken back to Habitat.

Let the sitework begin.


Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Thanks Everyone. Concrete is set up for tomorrow morning. Keith and Tim(am only for Tim) will be on site. After concrete is done, we can final grade, landscape, and sod. Carpet is in stock. Walk-thru is set for September 8th. We need to try to get all mechanical inspections this week since the following week is a short one.

Dave D., please make sure the plumbing inspection gets scheduled.

Norm Miozzi

HFH of Greater Dayton

Progress continued on site today. Ken came for the morning and nailed in the shoe molding, raised the rebar for rear porch, and screwed down the bath vanity top. Stephanie carefully touched up all wall surfaces that needed attention. I sanded, caulked and painted the shoe mold and base as needed. The electricians came early and completed fixtures, switches, and outlets, so there is power throughout the house. They were one fixture short and needed bulbs to test the fan lights, but will bring that when they come back to complete remaining work. I believe the garage door needs to be plugged in and could be  used with code 2017.

Still need to install range vent.

Still need to install sliding door guides.

One point of interest today was the blue tape on the port-o-let seat that reads “PHONE.” Various theories were discussed, but we declined to investigate further.



Saturday – August 26, 2017

House Leaders,

I am sending this out at Ken’s request.  Norm is hoping to pour the driveway on EITHER Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, if we can get a sufficient number of volunteers and the weather cooperates.

Can each of you reply telling me what days this week you could be available to help. I know that both Tim and Keith will be on site.

Currently I can only help Wednesday or Friday.

I don’t if we can get three or more we will be OK. Although the more the better.



I was at the site today with three volunteers.  All the shoe molding was cut for all the vinyl plank areas including the utility room.  Great job of estimating the exact number of pieces, Ken.  They are ready to be tacked.  There is a compressor on the site but not a hose or nail gun.  There are some long finish nails. Once the molding is installed, it can be caulked and painted as needed. The bifold door slide guides need to be installed.

Some additional cardboard floor covering was cut.  The bedroom baseboards were inspected, caulked and painted where needed.  There are  few places throughout the house that are marked with blue tape for wall paint including one window well in the bedroom and the linen closet which needs a lot of touch up.  The floor was swept.  We were done by noon.

The oven vent is on site, so it can be installed.  See Norm’s email for details.