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Friday, August 19, 2017

On Site today were Bob Swab,  one partner family volunteer and myself.

Work progress:   All blinds were in stalled.

A  permanent support board  for the sill plate was install at the rear door.

Continued laying the vinyl floor in the laundry -hall area. Two strips needed to complete.

Installed the vanity in the bathroom.  The counter has not been attached.

The house was appraised this morning. (Norm, the appraisers left their measuring wheel )

The pod was removed this afternoon.

Tim delivered the roller, some more steel form pins and more vinyl flooring material.

Work to do:        Install the vanity counter top.
Complete the forms for the dive way, walk way and rear step. (Ken and crew tomorrow)

Complete the floor on the laundry -hall and do the bathroom floor.

Purchase and install a medicine cabinet.

Install the towel rack.

Walks and apron still need to be broken up. removed and formed up.

Cut  off four down spout.

Has the attic been insulated?

The house look great and we are very close to our goal.  Have a great couple of weeks

Jerry Shell

Thursday, August 16, 2017

On this warm humid day we had Ken, Bob Swab,Rick for a couple hours, one volunteer and myself.

Work progress:   Caulked the counter tops

Installed the kick boards and trim on the cabinets

Layed the vinyl floor in the utility room and about half finished in the laundry- hall area. ( with Norms direction)

Touched up the touch up on trim,doors and door frames and walls.

All windows were washed and frames cleaned.

Ken cut and installed the trim in the closet.

Norm stopped by and gave Ken and I a complete lineup  on how the drive way and rear door step should be formed.

Ken plans to construct the forms on Saturday. ( Ken, I purchased rebar for the rear door step.)

Work to do:    Four down spouts  need to be shortened.

Norm wants to put a drain under sidewalk at the garage east side down spout – Tim delivered drain pipe for that purpose.

Finish the vinyl floor in the laundry – hall area.

The bathroom MAY have the vinyl if the partner family concurs. Will                                       require more vinyl to do the bathroom.

As noted Ken and the Sat. crew will do forms on Sat.

Stove vent  will be delivered soon and  will require venting thru the west wall.

Blinds were purchased and can be installed.

Mail box can be installed after the concrete is poured.  Post will be just west of the apron.

The apron and several  public sidewalk panels must be replaced.

Norm, can we get mechanical  help to remove the broken  concrete?  Then the forms will have to be installed for the apron and  public sidewalk.

Jerry Shell



Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Today we had 3 CtBS folks and 3 volunteers.

The entry and kitchen flooring have been completed. I took a truck load of stuff back to Habitat this morning. The POD is now clean and empty. While at Habitat I got a LOCK BOX from Norm. It has been installed on the front door. The combination is 1983. Please insure that the combination numbers are scrambled after you put the house keys in the lock box. Those of you who have the new keys for the POD please put them in the podium. The old ones you can keep or throw away.

We started to layout the forms for the sidewalk and the driveway. NOTE: we most likely will replace the driveway entry and sidewalk; they will remain the same shape as they currently are. The site plan shows the drive being curved inward to meet the apron, we feel a 45 degree is easier than trying to mess with any curves. The trim in the Mech. room has been caulked.

Tomorrow the floor in the mech. room can be laid, us the same material as in kitchen. Continue to work on the forms.

We departed 45 minutes early, just way too hot.



Saturday, August 12, 2017

Karen and I and 2 MVH PT volunteers and Leo Hanus were on site.

  • I brought a soaker hose and saturated the soil over the power lines to settle it.
  • Work on baseboard nail hole filling was done and touched up.
  • The linen closet shelving is installed.
  • Leo drilled the recessed close door puls and installed the pulls.
  • Karen started installing the Congoleum flooring by the entry way.
  • The house and garage were swept.

See Jerry’s list from Friday – and I would add the following

  • Measure the windows for blinds and go to Lowes to buy them.  Make the width ½” narrower than the window opening/.
  • Get towel bars , a bathroom vanity and a bathroom medicine cabinet and mirror at Lowes.
  • Continue installing Congoleum.
  • Cleaning supplies for windows will soon be needed. Schedule final graing and driveway to base excavating.
  • Evaluate if more scrub brush can be cut back – watch for chiggers – they bite!

Looking ahead, Karen and I will both be gone August 19.  There may not be work by then except for watering but as a heads up – the site may be closed down August 19.

Roger Duffy


Friday, August 11, 2017

On site today were Karen and I and four volunteers, two that were teens. The youngest did a great job cleaning and edging the front walkway.  We continued the caulking, sanding and touch up painting and some work still remains to be done.  The shelving for the linen closet is cut and the additional end brackets were purchased and the four shelves can be installed. Cut blocks of OSB to put on the floor to attach the center guide but need cement nails to fasten to the floor,  none on site.  The bi-pass door finger pulls require a 2 and an 1/16 or 2 and  an 1/8 inch Forester bit. The 2 inch bit I borrowed from Al was to small.   Does anyone have that size?

The vinyl floor material was delivered and can be installed in the kitchen and at the entry door.   The floor is marked and there is a layout view in the pod podium drawer.

Is a stove hood on order?  And will it require cutting a vent through the west wall?

We have ice for tomorrow and still one case of water.

Are Electrical and HVAC contractors on notice to do their finish work?  Dave stopped by this AM and plans to start his work soon.

Jerry Shell

Other information:

The correct bit is 2-1/8”. It is the same size as the one used to drill a lockset on a door. You can use a 2-1/8” hole saw. Drill carefully so you don’t go through the other side with the bit and then chisel out the core to about ½” depth. I will order the range hood. If there is a duct in the wall behind the hood, it will need to be cut out. Don’t do it until the hood is on site so you can accurately locate the cut-out. I will contact Detmer and Dillard to schedule their finish work.

Norm Miozzi

HFH of Greater Dayton

Folks, I have a 2 1/8 inch forstner bit that I will have on site on Wednesday.

I had 5 additional keys made this afternoon and will start making plans to get them out to the house leaders.

We are coming down to the end of another house and as always we have adapted and overcome.

Blessings to all,

AL .

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day Crew:

Welcome back Bob Swab !!   Bob made it to our site today just in time to lead the chalking of nails in the base board and door trim.  He looks great and made a huge contribution to our efforts.

On site today were Ctbs folks (Jerry, Ken, Rick, Bob and myself) and four volunteers( Sinclair CC and husbands). A generally very experienced group and very hard working group.

Accomplishments included:  hanging all slider doors, installing door knobs on most of the interior doors, completing all baseboard and door trim, chalking nails throughout the house, completing all shelving (except the linen closet), and moving all wood from the back and side of the house into the garage.  Ken arrived about noon and made significant progress with the kitchen cabinets.

Tim brought us a new lock for the POD with four keys.  Jerry, Ken, Al and myself have keys.  We have asked Al to make more keys for everyone who had one for the old lock.  Before you get a new key we will arrange for a handoff each day.


Getting flooring materials for the laundry room, furnace room and bathroom. (This work could be started Friday or Saturday if we had the materials.)

Getting a date from Synergy to grade the yard.  (Not getting this done is going to delay the driveway, back porch and sidewalk.)

Without getting these two items completed, our progress will be greatly slowed down or stop by next week.

Other work to be completed:

Sanding and painting of chalked and damaged spots.

Install linen closet shelving.

Install remaining door knobs and door stops.

Put trim around garage attic access.

Clean rocks in yard.

Clean front side walk of vegetation.

Start cleaning of the house.

Norm,  we have one case of water remaining…send some on the next delivery of materials.

Bob Duplain

Evening Crew:

It was John Belt and Myself this evening.

We finished the installation of the kitchen cabinets and also the countertops.

This will be the last Thursday evening for this year.

I’ll see you during the daytime.



Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Well it was an interesting day. We had one volunteer in the morning, and 5 CtBS folks. The day started with a major issue, the key for the POD broke off in the lock. The good news is that it was able to be opened, The bad news was that the locksmith could not get the key out of the lock. We were able to jamb the doors on the rear to keep them from being opened. We then used the lock from the rear to secure the front. Norm will be sending out another lock tomorrow morning with 4 keys. Somehow we need to figure out how we will distribute the four keys. The key you currently have will no longer work.  

The shelves were installed in the closets, except for the pantry and linen closet.

All doors have been installed, and the majority have been trimmed.

Nail holes puttied.

Kitchen cabinets have started to be installed, wall cabinets up on the left wall of the kitchen.

WE HAVE ELECTRIC. DP&L hooked us up this afternoon. Use the outlet in the laundry room.

Trim paint is still needed.

The 2×4’s in the back need to be moved to the garage. The large rocks in the back need to be disposed of. The temporary electric pole needs to be removed. Then grading needs to be done and the drive and walkway also needs to be dug out.

The electrician needs to move the switch on the wall at the laundry. I taped up notes to show where. It was not installed according to the plans.


The installation of the baseboard  and trim needs to continue.

The kitchen cabinets need to be continued.

Install the sliding doors in the closets. The sliding doors will need a 2 inch forstner bit to install the pulls.


– – – – – – – – –

Hi everyone,

Use this drawing as a guide for shelf spacing. Dimensions are to the top of the shelf.


It is OK but not necessary to hit studs with the shelf clips. They are designed to be installed not more than 12” apart. Drill the holes with a ¼” bit and use the supplied clips as designed. If you do hit a stud you can cut the anchor back off the clip as required.

A soaker hose will help settle the dirt in the ditch. I’ll send more interior trim paint on Tuesday.

Thanks everyone.

Norm Miozzi

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Three volunteers this morning, two after lunch, Ken, Tom and myself. The walls were re-touched/painted. Same for door and frames. Ken worked with assistants and got up 6 doors. Casing on most of those. Some base installed and caulked. Gutters were installed this afternoon.

Bedroom base can be completed in 2 rooms, 3rd needs case inside and out. All casing needs nail holes filled and caulking.

Ken will bring a table saw on Thursday to rip the needed casings. Cabinets are on site. Shelves and by-pass door tracks can be installed.

We will need at least one more gallon of trim finish paint to do touch-up throughout the house once all casing and base is installed.

Bob Gray

Saturday, August 5, 2017

We had the Cozart’s family members on site plus Karen :  8 in the morning and 4 stayed over for the afternoon.

  • Several painted doors – on door was marked as having a first coat but that was only for one side.  That door needs a second coat on one side.  The door casings received one coat  and are marked 1 Coat on the painters tape om the hinges.  So there is some trim painting to do before the door frames are installed.
    • Speaking of trim painting – the back exterior door needs some caulking where shims were use to make the casing flush with the wall.  Caulk that and paint the shims and caulk.
    • There is less than half a gallon of trim paint left – I didn’t look to see if the trim for the attic entry hatch had nail holes filled and was painted.
  • The baseboard and door trim is all in the house.  David and Eric cut trim but didn’t install it in several room,
  • David and I used the light for one last look for painting blems – blue painters tape is on the walls needing rework.  There is a drywall seam that needs a light coat of mud opposite the wet wall and near the shower surround.
  • The morning cool air was the perfect time to fill the power line trench and it is all done.  The dirt is mounded – so to Bob Gray or Norm – should a soaker hose be sued to get the dirt to compact or will the bobcat do that with the grading?
  • I cut the invasive bush back some so it will be easier to mow.  More needs to be done to make it look better – Bob Gray if you have opinion on what could be done let me know.
  • Karen filled nail holes and caulked under the sills.
  • Whoever works on closet shelving – the clothes rail center line should be 66” off the floor.  The closet brackets the front of the shelving fit into has a ply expanding clip to fasten the bracket to the wall.  Do this need to be drill? – if so bring a drill and a ¼” bit
    • For the linen closet shelving – I suggested 24” from the floor for the first shelf and the top one high enough you could reach to put blankets on.  Split the difference for the shelves in between. – Do theses distances make sense?
  • I didn’t look to see if a 4’ level was in the pod for installing the door frames or if there are shims on site.
  • Will need water for Tuesday.

Roger Duffy

Friday, August 5, 2017

There were  two volunteers and Ken and I on site today.

Progress:   Continued the door and door frame painting.

Completed the sill installation and the trim under the sills and caulked.

Put casing around the three exterior doors.

Installed some base board in family room.

Put casing around the attic access door.

Cut all the shelving for the bedrooms closets, pantry and linen closets.

Work to Do:

Fill in the  trench for the electrical  service.  High priority so electric service can be connected.

Continue painting door and door frames.   Karen has been lined up  what doors have how many coats.

Sills  are ready to touch up paint.

Fill nail holes and caulk all casing that has been installed and touch up paint.

Install base board through out the house. Base board  should be shimmed off the floor with a base board spacer throughout house.

Install  shelving in closets. Hardware is in the pod.

Install the bi-pass door tracks.  Tracks are in the  family room.

Hope yard grading can be done soon.

Jerry Shell