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Monday, August 20, 2018

Build Site will be closed this week so drywall finishers are able to come in.



Saturday, August 18, 2018

Tim and I had two volunteers today and took advantage of the mild weather and hauled all the brush offsite.

  • The volunteers emptied the larger storage pod for pickup. Tim took the locks off of it so it is ready for pickup.
  • Tim took the hardhats and the trailer to ReStore.
  • The Dillard temp power pole is beside the storage unit under the cardboard.
  • All the deck lumber is under plastic in the garage, all the scrap drywall is in the dumpster.
  • We moved all the power cords, metal work stands, nails and screws to the storage pod so the finishers will have open space to work .
  • We dug out the gravel to the 7” required depth at the drive apron, and spread gravel throughout the rest of the driveway.
  • Unless something changes there won’t be anything to do until the deck off the kitchen is inspected and the drywall finishing is complete.  Watch your email for an update – no one came today.
  • The garage door is an insulated heavy door with a garage door opened.  Very nice.
  • Next step when things dry out will be pouring the sidewalk and driveway, then final grade.
  • Not sure if the site if open September 1 – it hasn’t been in the past due to Labor Day.

I hope to see many of you at Fifth Third Field next Saturday, then at Shull Road September 8 for that kick off.

Roger Duffy

Friday, August 17, 2018

Karen, Tim and I were on site until noon today. We completed the aluminum wrap on the porch between rain showers, rebuilt the garage entry step and rechecked the drywall screw sets and add some needed screws.  The drywall corner beads and window wrap is done but no taping or mudding has been started as of noon today.

The gravel in the driveway and apron needs to be releveled to get the needed concrete depth.

The porch post metal bases can be covered with trim board. Boards is on site and Tim has his chop saw.

The extra siding and soffit material, temporary electric post, hard hats, and extra insulation can be returned to Habitat  office.

The large pod needs to be emptied. The wood can be put in the other pod.

There are people scheduled for Sat. but next week we are at  the mercy if the drywall finishers.  Follow the Habitat Volunteer sign up site  to see when the next work is scheduled or if anyone gets word let everyone know.

Jerry   Shell


Saturday, August 11, 2018

Roger and I had 5 volunteers this AM.  Roger and two of the volunteers left at noon.  Tim was there for the afternoon.  The inside of the entry closet, the third wall of the living room, and most of the garage were drywalled.  The forms for the driveway and the apron were reinstalled.  The gravel was spread to specification with the help of a “template” Roger made for the volunteers. Terry came at the end of the day and along with her daughter helped with fastening the drywall in the garage.  It was great to have them help.

The entry closet and the fourth wall in the living room need to be drywalled as well as the bottom foot of the garage wall. The drywall finishers will cut the window frame pieces.  Some dry wall pieces need to be saved for them but the other scrap pieces can be put in the dumpster.

The posts for the back deck still need to be set. Once they set up, the deck can be built.

Cedar boards can be put around the “feet” of the front porch posts.

The porch soffit and aluminum trim still need to be done.

Another great day at the site.



Friday, August 10, 2018

Today we worked on drywall with the help of Hank. Belinda, Steve, Karen and I with Tims help when he was not running errands. The only remaining drywall to be installed is in the great room, the entry closet and the south wall in the garage and  should be completed tomorrow.  We do need to cut the window framing pieces but do not install them.  Tim will let the finisher know we will be ready for them next week asap.

The driveway apron gravel was delivered today also.  The garage door installation is scheduled for next week also.

Site Work:  Complete the drywall installation.

Cut the window frame drywall pieces but do not install.

Check that  all drywall screws are set below the wall surface.

Reinstall the driveway forms that were knocked loose.

Reset the forms at the apron.

Spread the gravel in the apron area to give a 7 inch concrete thickness.

Spread the remainder if the gravel in the driveway

Set the deck posts in concrete. Karen has the line up.

Install trim around the base of the porch posts ( will need a chop saw not on site.)

Any thing else I forgot to list.

Jerry Shell


Thursday, August 9, 2018

First a big thank you to the ten volunteers today and Tim.  Tim is great to be on site for so many reasons.   All volunteers are mainly regulars as they have been to the site many times this year:  David D., Ron E., Janet E., Rick I., Rick K., Steve, house leaders (Ken, Jerry, Tom, and myself).  I feel like everyone feels bad for the late start and the inspection delays and all are determine to move the build forward as much as possible to offset the delays.  Thank you….Thank you!!!!

Drywall accomplishments included completion of two bedrooms including the closets, the hall linen closet, the pantry, the final pieces in the living room ceiling and the hall ceiling to cover the furnace  duct.  Ken is working on drywall this evening and can advise what remains to be completed.

Tim brought the Bobcat to site and worked on deepening the driveway and apron to allow for more gravel depth.  The inspector did not pass us yesterday as he could see dirt in spots.  More gravel is to be on site tomorrow.  The inspector is to return for another visit.

The back deck holes for concrete were finally inspected and passed.  We are now clear to build the deck.

Dillard Electric made a quick visit to install the ceiling fan and light electric line.  Thank you to them for being very prompt after our call.

I had Tim move two large rocks to the front beds of the house.  Rocks are “in” and I think they will add to our landscaping.

The drywall should be finished with our internal inspection of the fasteners by the end of the Saturday shift.  Tim has called to get the mudders out asap there after.

Bob Duplain


We had John Belt, Jacob Hall and Jacob’s 2 sons (Mathew and Peter plus myself.

We completed the drywall in the kitchen area, the last bedroom (except the closet), the garage hall closet and also finished the ceiling in the main hallway and garage hallway.

Terry and her family stopped by. The kids were excited to finally see what the bedrooms would look like. They also  were surprized to see how large the bathroom was. Terry felt it was small when she saw the frame work, but was very happy to see how usable it was.

Terry also expressed her gratitude to everyone for taking the time to explain the build process and to answer her questions. She is excited about joining us for the painting.

Overall a very good night.

The living room walls, the hallway walls, the bedroom closet and the ceiling over the air distribution duct in the living room  remain to be dry walled. I hope we can complete everything by end of day Saturday.


Wednesday, August 8, 2018

Group included Ctbs (Janet, Al, Ken, myself)  and Habitat (Steve, Belinda, Dave, Tim).

Drywall was started inside the house today with ceilings taking priority.  Living room, kitchen, two bedrooms, and bathroom ceilings completed.  Strip was left open in the living room to accommodate electrical wiring in the ceiling that was missed on the prints.   Lots of work to do!!

Driveway apron was inspected.  I did not hear the verdict, but Tim is bringing the Bobcat tomorrow to expedite.

Company that donated the windows payed a visit to take pictures.  I expressed our gratitude for this year and prior years donations.  Terry(homeowner) payed a visit and was pleased to see drywall.

Tim will bring two cases of water as our supply is all in the coolers.

Bob Duplain

Evening Group:

We had myself and 4 other members of K of C council 12912.

We installed the green wall board in the bathroom, around the washer and dryer area and on the 2 walls in the kitchen. We also installed the ceiling drywall in the garage hallway and the washer dryer area.

The back bedroom is now clear of drywall and the ceiling drywall can be installed.

Excellent crew was able to accomplish much.


Saturday, August 4, 2018

Karen and I led today with great support from the 711 HPW Junior Force Council from WPAFB 7 or 8 came – Krissy, I think I didn’t check in the organizer who I believe is Anne Cybenko.  We finished after 1:30 for the day. Tim was ill and Darrell Lochtefeld from the group was skilled and helped direct the work which was I n s u l a t I o n!  (John Ferguson came from St. Mary of the Assumption to.  All of the insulation was installed today, the full sheets are in the storage unit and a roll of R19 floor insulation is there that Tim said we weren’t to install..  The house is swept clean and is ready for drywall delivery on Tuesday.  Gatorade and water are needed as well as ice and the drywall tools.  Darrell took the temporary power poll down and it is in the storage pod with the treated lumber for the back deck.

For next week:

  • Drywall week – be ready for lots of that.
  • There is a stack of approved drawings in the storage pod including the deck.  Bill is that official to start or does more approval need to take place to start work on the deck.?
  • If you are a chainsaw person and the weather isn’ too bad, work can continue to get the invasive brush cut back by the DP&L transformer.
  • Missing in action is one 8’ fiberglass step ladder with “Duffy” written on it.  If anyone has it, I’d like it back.

The house looks great and I took many pictures to send to Hank for the website.

Roger Duffy


Friday, August 3, 2018

WE HAVE BEEN APPROVED FOR THE RUFF INSPECTION.   The inspector arrived about 11:15 am and signed the approval but still found a couple minor correction that we completed.  It was just Tim and I in the morning and a friend of Tim’s after lunch. The insulation and cabinet blocking was completed in the kitchen area.

All insulating can continue and the inspector said we did NOT need an insulation inspection so we can continue drywall after insulating. Drywall is scheduled to be delivered Tuesday morning. We will need the lift and drywall installation tools on site Tuesday.   The concrete pour for the sidewalk and driveway will be scheduled by Habitat.

It is full speed ahead now.

Ice is needed for the coolers for tomorrow.

Jerry Shell

Thursday, August 2, 2018

On site today were 8 folks from the accounting firm RSM and 5 regulars (Tom, Ken, Jerry, Rick I, and myself).

Folks from the accounting firm (most of which had worked with CtBS before)  finished framing the driveway in preparation for concrete.  They spread gravel to the proper heights for the sidewalk, the driveway and the apron and backfilled the outside framing with dirt.   Tim helped them put finished trim around the garage door opening.

The “regulars” finished the blocking on the garage top plates and working on a request Tim received from the framing inspector to put more supports on the porch.  All looked good and almost complete at noon when Bill arrived and advised us of a different way to build and install the porch supports.  The “regulars”  built and installed the supports in the afternoon.  This support and blocking exercise has been a frustration and learning curve with everyone doing what they believe is the right thing.

Everyone one believes that the house is ready for framing inspection, which Tim will call in tomorrow morning.  If the inspector can make it out in the morning with an approval, the house will be ready for insulation.  Next week looks pretty good for drywall.

DP&L was on site and hooked up the electricity to the house.  We now have a “live” outlet in the hall near the garage.

Tomorrow morning would be good for some clean up of the house and taking down and back filling the old electric pole.  Hopefully the inspection (with approval) and insulation can follow.

Bob Duplain