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Saturday, September 21, 2019

Dedication of the Home for the Reynolds-Evans Family

This is the 27th home completed by Catch the Building Spirit in coordination with Habitat for Humanity of Greater Dayton.

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Thursday, September 19, 2019

On site today were seven volunteers (all regulars):  Steve, Ken, Ron, Max, Dave, Bob S., and myself.  Special visits by Bob Gray (who is doing well after surgery), Roger (delivery of linen closet materials for tomorrow), and John Belt ( curious as to the final stage of the house).

Accomplishments included:

Installation of front storm door.

Windows inside and outside washed and sills cleaned, screens installed.

Trim around downstairs tub installed.

Landscaping plants planted and mulched by back door.  Sod delayed another day (tomorrow).

Bedrooms thoroughly swept and ready for plastic cover for open house.

Caulking around kitchen counter tops.  Caulking of baseboard and misc. as required.

Painting as required.  Blue tape spots are primarily gone.

Sidewalks washed with water to eliminate tracking dirt into the house.

Temporary cover on water heater water input to assist passage of energy star test.

Upstairs towel rod installed and repair of door jam.

Excess wood was loaded on Steve’s truck to go to Tim’s house in Trotwood.

Closing tasks:

Lay sod as it arrives.

Remove and repair incorrectly installed roof vent.  Repair buckled shingles on east side of roof.

Finish linen closet.

Clean plank flooring.

Cover all flooring for open house.

Continue to inspect for areas needing paint and caulking.

Install misc. hardware including a few door stops and shower rods.

Remove temporary electric pole.

Clean out shed and return materials to Habitat.

Bob Duplain

One final note as the house is almost ready for the dedication on Saturday.  It has been a tremendous pleasure working with so many great folks the past three months.  Special thanks to all the “regulars” who gave so much of their time to insure that the house would be ready for this Saturday.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

On site today were seven regulars (Ken, Roger, Tom, Steve, Max, Jim, and myself) and one volunteer from ManCo.

Accomplishments included:

Porch posts wrapped.

All doors trimmed to accommodate carpet, slides installed on closet doors and realigned.

Flooring by bottom of stairs redone to eliminate open snap joint.

Storm door on side installed.

Work on bathroom linen closet.

Misc. caulking and painting of walls and trim.

Outside faucet added by kitchen window.

Detmer, Brewer, Dillard and Energy Star were all on site at various times.

To Do:

Lay final sod that is be to delivered.

Upstairs bathroom door needs latch adjustment.

Install front storm door.

Complete linen closet.

Wash windows and install screens.

Mop/vacuum floors.

Water sod and plant side plants (to be delivered).

Needed ASAP:

Dillard to pick up temporary electric pole (service was disconnected today)

Dillard to resolve issue of loose pantry wire for dishwasher.

Need 3 more baseboard door stoppers and 3 more hinge door stoppers.

Need bottled water for workers.  Only have a few bottles left.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It was a productive day. We had 13 volunteers and 5 Habitat representatives.

 We started by doing a final raking of the site. The sod arrived about 10:30 and we had everything layed in just over an hour.. Unfortunately it was short of meeting our requirements so Tim went and picked up more. and this was layed late in the day. We are still short and Tim will pick up more in the morning. We started watering and the site looks great.

We (Steve) also were able to install the medicine cabinets.

The insulation crew blew in the insulation and we then added the access covers when they were finished.

Dillard electric was there to finish the electrical.

The carpet layers completed the installation and it looks great.

Energy Star was there to conduct a pressure check on the house. Due to the HVAC not being complete and several major leaks we need to fix, we did not pass. We hope to resolve these issues tomorrow. Retesting may be an issue.

A big thanks to all who participated today. A major job was very manageable with so many capable hands.

The next 2 days will be a challenge to complete all of the final items which are :

1) Finish the last sod laying

2) Install the door for the linen cabinet

3) install the light bulbs in the kitchen

4) Caulk all the counter tops.

5) Rehang all the doors in the carpetted areas. This may require trimmming of the doors.

6) Check all areas for caulking and touch up painting

7) Install PVC trim in downstairs shower area.

8) Thoroughly vacuum the carpetted areas.

9) Wash the floors in all areas  with hard flooring.

10) Finish HVAC installation

11) Plant shrubs along the rear walk.

I am sure I have missed some but as you can see our list is getting shorter but my goal is to have everything done by Friday noon.

Also, The dedication is Saturday and I hope everyone can make it. This is such a deserving family and I hope you can share in the joy of the day.


Monday, September 16, 2019

I was on site today. Tim and Max from Habitat were also on site. 

Tim was able to get a rock hound to help prepare the yard for sod.

This piece of equipment made a remarkable improvement. Many of the rocks are gone and the yard is much smoother.

We will still need to rake and smooth some areas and also prepare the edges next to the walks. We should be able to do this and lay the sod tomorrow (Tuesday).

The sod is expected early in the morning

Because of the high heat expected, I am suggesting an early start. I will be there by 7:30 so make your plans accordingly.

Brewer Plumbing was on site and were getting this phase completed.

Also the carpeting was being layed. Hopefully Detmer and Dillard will be there tomorrow to finish the HVAC and the electrical.

I hope to see many of you there tomorrow.


Saturday, September 14, 2019

There were 7 volunteers on site plus Tim and Steve.  Thank you Robert Fyffe for spending the day plus Waynesville St. Augustine Ricky Gallagher and newbie Cheri Franklin, retiree.

The day began with big piles of lumpy fill dirt and a track backhoe there to attempt to move the lumpy pile around.  Steve brought the Habitat Bobcat and the decision was to let the Bobcat stay and the track backhoe leave.  There didn’t appear to be enough soil for the need and the ground was hard packed.  A decision was made to rent the tiller attachment for the bob cat and Brian and Steve went to pick it up.  It was clear no more dirt was coming and we had to make do with what we had.  While they were away, three of us laid out the landscape material and started digging and planting.  All that is installed was well watered and Cheri was going to stop on Sunday to water them again. Cheri cleaned the downstairs sewer and that is ready for the plumbers.  Things were bleak until they returned with the till attachment.  Rick Gallagher helped them connect the hydraulics and fasteners and Tim started roto-tilling the lot.  Others worked gathering rocks for the low spots by the parking pad. By lunchtime much of the landscape material was planted, and the lumpy soils started to look better with the tiller.

After lunch, the remaining landscape material was planted with lots of compost.  The beds and plantings were mulched and the remaining compost was spread over the tilled area.  Cheri emptied the downstairs bedrooms, swept them out and repaired and touched up the coat closet.  The rooms to be carpeted are empty and ready for the installers.  The lock box is on the front door knob and I tested the code twice and it works fine – and yes the front door key is in the lockbox.

Rick Gallagher is a very handy individual and I had him cut the decorative cover for the porch columns.  He came up with long piece that face the street and house, sort pieces that face the neighbor and the side street.  A router will be needed to clear the metal backs and screws.  All the column base trim pieces are in a wood crate by the podium

Steve brought a sidewalk edger and the sidewalks look much better and are ready for sod. 

On the matter of workers for Tuesday, I sent a note to my Knights of Columbus members to ask for 4 hours help Tuesday to rake then install sod.  I’ll put a note on the Incarnation App for help as well and asked Hank to put a request out on our Facebook page.

Tuesday is crunch day and we can never know when the sod is coming.  I asked for some volunteers to come a 8:00 to rake and others 9:30 to 10 to possibly lay sod.  I borrowed two 50’ hoses from Incarnation and brought a shorter length of hose from home.  So there is about 175 feet of hose on site.  I hope Steve will bring splitters and sprinklers on Tuesday.

What looked like trouble first thing ended up far better, but there is much to do first thing Tuesday for sod laying.  Hopefully volunteers will come through.

The house is really looking good – thanks to the volunteers who came and the permission to rent the rototiller.  May we keep  our cool with the many details the week will bring

On a final note, Jerry Shell will have surgery September 26, in a hospital in Cincinnati.  He asks for prayers for his recovery.  He should be at the dedication.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

Friday, September 13, 2019

We had good crew on this very hot day.

Steve, Myself, Roger (AM and Bob D (PM) and my grandson Alex for several hours in the middle of the day id numerous tasks. Also Tim, Max, Brian and Steve from Habitat were on site.

The following were items were accomplished

Roger worked on the linen cabinet for the first floor. He added drywall along the side, mudded this area and painted the cabinet.

Steve and I installed the wheel chair accessible sink support for the down stairs bathroom.

Steve finished the trim around this sink area.

Max, Steve Y, Brian and Alex removed the forms from the parking pad. They also added the blacktop material between the parking pad and the alley.

I finished the access cover for the attic in the bedroom closet and installed the cover with sealing.

Tim and Brian pick-up the landscape materials (9 bushes, 2 tress, compost and mulch from Deal’s. Roger watered all the plants before he left.

Bob caulked area and renailed trim in various areas

Pickerell delivered the plumbing materials.

Unfortunately our major activity of spreading the fill dirt did not occur because the material was not delivered till 3:35 this afternoon. The material has lots of large clumps which will need to be broken up. Tim was planning on getting Habitats Bobcat to help tomorrow.

This adds a significant workload for tomorrow as the site needs to be ready for sodding by Tuesday AM,

Muliple activities are scheduled for Monday, Plumbing, carpeting, and HVAC.

Next week will be a hectic week, please recruit as many hands as possible for Tuesday and Wednesday.


Thursday, September 12, 2019

On site today were Ken, Steve, Jim, Joel (new volunteer, just moved from Kansas City), and myself.  Tim and Steve (Habitat) were in and out all day and ran errands.  Roger was on site for an hour at the end of the day.

Accomplishments included:

Concrete pouring and prep started at 6:00 AM and was finished by noon.  Three trucks of concrete due to the size and thickness.  Work looks great.  Thank you to Habitat for outsourcing this work.  By the end of the day, all forms were removed, except for the auto park.  The forms on the auto park should be removed early tomorrow.

Gutter on the house and shed has been installed.  Detmer continued work on the furnace/ac.

Refrigerator has been installed.

Trim is completed in the upstairs bathroom. Slider closet doors have been mitered, finger tabs installed and the center tab for the door guides installed.  Trim at the top of the stairs is complete. The pantry is now a coat closet with one shelf (holes patched after two shelves removed).  In all areas nails and caulking has been done.

Bathroom fans have been installed.  Linen closet down stairs and bath vanity are being worked on.

Crack on the front porch has been sealed.


Remove concrete forms on auto park.

Finish linen closet and downstairs bath vanity.

Spread top soil that is to be delivered Friday.

Finish molding and door knob on furnace room.

Continue caulking, nail covering and painting as needed.


Top soil on Friday.

Landscaping on Saturday.

Sod  next week on Tuesday.

Bob Duplain

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Volunteers today included Ken, Steve and myself.  No outside volunteers.

Major work today was completing the concrete forms and aggregate spread for the concrete pour tomorrow.  Concrete is to be poured tomorrow by outside contractor.

House numbers and mailbox were installed.

Stove vent and stove were installed.

Trim was painted to enable furnace room, upstairs bath, and lower bedroom ceiling access to be completed tomorrow.

Concrete pour tomorrow, Detmer to finish furnace/ac work tomorrow, and Energy Star to do testing on Friday.

All other work details per Ken’s prior note.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

We had a small crew today. Steve, Hank and myself along with a short visit from Roger and support from Tim, Keith and Bill.

We accomplished the following:

  1) We lowered the forms for the side walk from the rear pad to the parking pad. This will give us  a more level lot and require less fill. We will need to remove much of the gravel that were there in the walk area. 

2) Keith brought the bobcat and smoothed the gravel in the parking pad area.

3) Steve, Hank and I set the counter tops in the kitchen and upstairs bathroom.

4) Bill Berner brought and installed the linen closet insert with our assistance. Doors and frame will be delivered later.

4) Appliances were delivered today.

5) Detmer was onsite and set the outside A/C unit and installed the inside unit and much of the duct work. They will return Thursday to complete the work.

Bill informed us that Habitat has contracted the concrete work. The current plan is to pour on Thursday. This means we need to move the excess gravel from the rear walk to the parking pad area and also the front walk. This is the priority for tomorrow. we will also need to finish the forming for the parking pad. 

Other work for the next few days:

1) Prepare the lot for sod. Laying of the sod is scheduled for next Tuesday. Please put that day on your calendar for helping. Recruit others to help in this task.

2) Roger bought the exhaust hood for over the range, so that needs to be hung so we can put the range in place.

3) We also need to move the refrigerator into place.

4) We need to cut, install and paint the door trim in the upstairs bathroom.

5) We need to fabricate a wheel chair accessible support for the downstairs bathroom sink.

6) We need to install trim around the inside of the furnace room door

7) We need to caulk around the countertops

8) The beds need to be prepared, the landscaping  material needs to be picked up and the plants planted and mulched.

This is just a short list of the many things still to be done for the Sept 21 dedication.

We need everyones help . The house is looking great and we just need to finish the last phase.