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Saturday, June 22, 2019

Karen and I had 6 volunteers today who accomplished a lot:

  • John Leland was on the Habitat Board when the Patterson ReStore site was found.  He and his son John worked on the Closet – access panel to behind the Pink Panther Blue Board and also above the stairs on the other side.  They did a great job, and I asked them to come back when we drywall – 3rd week of July??
  • A father daughter team painted the inside of the furnace room, then worked installing cardboard baffles upstairs.  There is some baffle corner work to do on the W. Pease side of upstairs, then all will need Tyvek tape to the Pink Panther blue board to seal that space.
  • Two Volunteers installed a knee wall under the stairs for a cutoff for the drywall.
  • Then the two worked on soffit around the porch overhang and the porch gable.  This would be a good place to start Tuesday Bob and welcome back Tom Bishop.
  • I picked up concrete splatters from the pour to get ready for the grading next week.  A question for Bill Thompson is about the peace gravel in front.  Does that have to be stored some place for the sidewalks?
  • Tim drilled and bolted the column bases on two of the columns.  He needed another tool to finish the job.
  • We called Jerry Shell at lunch and got an update on him.  He has some testing next week and misses the site.  He said the prints have a 4’ deck off the back to that will put the post over outlet.  He asked if the deck could be made a little longer to avoid the conflict with the outlet.
  • Tiffany and Jeremy stopped at quitting time, their daughter has spent a few days and nights in Dayton Children’s Hospital and they leave Tuesday late afternoon for Nationwide Hospital in Columbus for a long stay at the Ronald McDonald house.  She hadn’t seen the house in a while and was impressed at the progress.

Thanks to all – give Jerry Shell a call to cheer him up. (937) 902-5214.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

Friday, June 21, 2019

It was a beautiful day today so a lot of outside work got done.  Tim and I had 6 volunteers today – a father and son, 2 older gentlemen, a young lady and Steve.

Work done:

Fascia on the two back gables

Fascia on the two sides

Soffit on half of the high front gable

Soffit on one side of the porch

Foam in any remaining holes

Stripes painted for marking the studs on the lower level House cleared of debris Yard readied for grating next week – lumber pile moved next to the fence, all extra boards lying around piled next to the dumpster, trash in bags thrown in the dumpster Hangers for drywall under the stairs – two pieces left to hang

Work to do:

Finish hanging hangers under stairs (wood is marked for cutting) Finish sofit on front gable Fascia on front gable Porch posts Mark studs on second floor Insulate small up stairs closet.

Karen Clute

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Five on site today, Steve (regular four days a week),  Jim (my neighbor and Thursday volunteer), Ron (regular on Tuesday and Thursday), Christina (Habitat) and myself.  Tim is on another assignment and was not on site for a second day.

Steve, Jim and I finished the rear gable siding and started the metal facia cover on the rear gable end.

Ron and Christina installed drywall nailers in various spots and towel nailers in the bathrooms.

Inspector passed us for the electrical.  GREAT!!

Ken’s crew to work on porch posts tonight.  Chalking and foaming of holes from electrical wires needs to be done.

House is making good progress in spite of the weather.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

We were able to work throughout the day without rain, and got several things accomplished. Ken worked at trying to get the shower square and level, and it was a difficult job that he hopes to complete tomorrow. Ron and our volunteer Henry finished blue board on knee walls and the front porch wall. Steve and I finished siding on east and west sides, and replaced a couple pieces on both sides. I believe both plumbing and electric might be ready for inspection.

Tim is supposed to bring Tyvek for the gables and the brake for bird cages.

Water is on site.

I will be out of town on Tuesday, July 16, and hope that someone can cover that day.

Bob Gray

Saturday, June 15, 2019

The showers passing by didn’t keep our 7 WPAFB volunteers from the 88th Medic group from installing “Pink Panther” blue board on the attic side of the second floor knee walls.  The volunteers brought special skills that led to all the  knee walls being insulated.  They took great care to be sure the Pink Panther was tight against the rafters ad sidewall bracing.  There was debate about applying the blue board to the sides of the storage space at the top of the stairs and that is a next week project.  There is a lot of scrap to fill in the storage sidewalls.  We didn’t know is blue board needed to be installed next to the attic over the two downstairs bedrooms.

The volunteers used 1 can of foam insulation to fill gaps.  All in all a very successful day after no volunteers for Friday.

For next week:

  1. A nailer 2×6 needs to be installed next to the storage room at the top of the stairs.  I didn’t have an impact driver and the space to nail was tight.  The blue board piece is cut and is tacked onto the nailer strip.
  2. At the base of the blue board, a filler piece of bluebird must me cut for the side street side of the second floor.  The piece fits between the blue board and floor joist at a 45 degree angle.  The piece is held on place with blue tape.
  3. Working upstairs on an overcast day makes it hard to see.  I have two big LED lamps but I won’t leave them on site.  A small clamp on lamp is there if you are working in an unlit area.
  4. The furnace was delivered but hasn’t been plumbed in.  If flooring and paint is available, the room should be painted before it gets filled with the furnace .
  5. The power panel is in the pod, maybe ruff wiring is next?
  6. There is plenty of water.  John Belt, I don’t know that there will be much work by Thursday for your second shift team.

The Wright Patterson alliance is a real plus for Habitat.  Another fine group today.

Deacon Roger Duffy

Friday, June 14, 2019

There were no volunteers today and Tim needed to go help Keith, so I did not stay.  Detmer was there when I left installing the furnace and moving one of their lines in the lower bathroom so it would be 6’ from the gas pipe.


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Very changing weather conditions, but eight volunteers <4CtBS (Steve, Ron, Rick, myself) and 4 outside> made things happen.


Wall anchors (28) for external walls were completed,

East side soffit completed…siding requires one more piece,

Front siding and J channel complete,

Chalking upstairs and downstairs complete,

Upstairs front closet complete with nailers for walls and ceiling,

Furnace room sanded and remudded,

Rough level cleanup to rid house of excess debris.  

To Do:  (some tasks will be worked on by evening crew):

Check all chalking for areas or boards missed (especially very narrow openings),

Repair second story floor where floor board not nailed to joist,

Check for missing nailers on both floors(several marked),

Complete siding and facia board,

Sand furnace room and paint (mud again if necessary),

Install front porch posts.

Bob Duplain

Night Crew:

A little chilly and windy but worked inside and out.  Had 9 volunteers, Jacob Hall and his two sons, Rick from Waynesville (sorry don’t remember the parish), a man and his daughter and son, and 2 from NuVasive.

-Caulking was gone over and added in spots where it was a little lean or missed.  Tight spots were attempted but not sure how successful the person was.  I think one last check in decent light is needed.  While checking the caulking upstairs we found that one of the studs had no nails in it thru the exterior OSB.  There is a gap of over 1/2″ between the stud and OSB.  If you are looking at the rear bedroom window, the stud is 45″ to the right of the window.  Jacob hadn’t come yet and nobody else was comfortable getting on the roof with the wind. 

-Added supports for the flooring where the floor wasn’t laid correctly.

-Added drywall nailers on the backside of the top of the steps.

-Added drywall nailers for ceiling on walls on first and second story.

-Finished wall from hallway into rear bedroom.

-Worked on siding (street side).  Couldn’t figure out how top piece should be fastened, so we didn’t finish it.  

-Soffit on front porch (street side).

-House was swept so it is a little cleaner.

Ken, hope you had a great anniversary. Looking forward to seeing you next week.

Speaking of next week, I hope we have enough work on Thursday evening.  The VP of the NuVasive plant has signed up.  Would be nice to really have great work for him!

John Belt

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Perfect weather today with seven volunteers; three CtBS (Bob D, Ken, Steve) and four outside (two from ManCo, one from Irongate, and one from UBS).

Accomplishments included:

Rear upstairs window installed,

Insulation behind upstairs tub/shower installed,

Upstairs ceiling above stairs fabricated and installed,

Various soffit, siding and channel work completed,

Floor anchor bolts tightened,

Chalking on lower inside walls started.

To Do;

Continue work on soffit, siding and channels,

Complete chalking,

Install additional anchor bolts as required,

Complete nailers on west end of upper stairs.

Plumber to complete work asap now that upstairs tub ready.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Good day at the worksite. Ron and Steve put up a ton of soffit around the rear of the house, lower and upper gables, and j and f on the top. Dave ( Desel?) and I put up siding to top of the windows/door on front, then did some framing and got f channel up. Corner trim was delivered. Gas line installed. Plumbers inside throughout the day. 

Need to bring ice for Wednesday.

Bob Gray

Saturday, June 8, 2019