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Friday, August 16, 2019

Today two volunteers and myself were on the site. One volunteer was Bob Swab who was here to work for the first time this summer.  Alyssa had seen a note at St Henry’s about volunteers being needed.  Between the three of us, all the baseboards were second coated along with the boards for sills, and the side door.  All the staple holes in the door frames were spackled and sanded.  All the door hinges with blue taped so the door frames are ready for paint. The second coated baseboards were left to dry on top of the cabinet boxes in the living room.

To do:

Remove doors from hinges and paint

Cut sills

Hang closet shelving

Install lock hardware on the shed doors

Support boards installed in shed rafters.

Install luan in up stairs bathroom

Roger and I only have 1 volunteer for tomorrow, so would welcome anyone who can come and help.


Thursday, August 15, 2019

We had another very good day.

It was Rick I, Steve Albers, Dave Dressler and myself.

The majority of the morning was spent cleaning out the POD. It is to be removed within a day or 2. Materials were placed inn the shed and the lock from the POD was used to secure the shed. The house key is located on a nail on the side of the fastener shelf. We locked the ladder to the wheel barrow and the key to that lock is in the POD which is now in the house.

We were able to install a tarp over the roof of the shed to minimize rain damage.

All the interior doors were hung except for the furnace room door.

Dave was able to put a second coat of paint on the front door.

The base trim was moved but is identified as to which needs a second coat. The base trim along the west wall still needs a second coat also.

Tomorrow should be a continuation of painting of base and adding a second coat to the side door. 

As anote some of the tools are in the closet of the north east bedroom.


Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Our crew today included six folks,  Tim and Steve Young (new Habitat leader), two folks from Manco Services (both had helped with drywall in July), a St Alberts individual, and myself. 

Shed doors were fabricated and installed.  Stationery pin needs to be installed in the fixed door, which Tim will purchase.  The shed is locked and the key is on the house key ring in the POD.

Six hinged doors have been installed in the house. I believe that the back upstairs bedroom door is too tight and needs to be adjusted.                                                                                                                    

 All the slider doors have been painted two coats.  All trim has been painted two coats except for the long baseboard pieces on the floor on the right and left sides of the house.  We ran out of paint, but Tim is to get another gallon.  Other painting to be done:  shed doors (do not paint the black hinges), exterior doors need another coat, and all hinged doors have no paint.

The current dumpster is to be hauled away tomorrow and a smaller one put in its place.  All the scrap OSB on the side of the dumpster was trashed except for three full size pieces.  The dumpster was full.  The three pieces on the ground should be loaded into the new dumpster.  Once we get the new dumpster, the yard needs to be cleaned of all debris as the grading will be done shortly. 

We need to save some wood beside the shed to form our concrete walks and car pad.  

The POD is to be cleaned out.  Some materials can be returned to Habitat, some items can be put in the locked shed (we have already put our wheel barrow and concrete tools in the shed), and some items should go into the house.  

We have the cabinet layout, so this work can start as well. 

Confirmed with Tim today that flooring is as follows:  bathrooms and laundry room are linoleum, all bedrooms are carpet, the upstairs hall is carpet as are the steps to upstairs,  the great room, kitchen, and downstairs hall are the plank vinyl.

Thanks to Roger and Ken for taking my shift tomorrow.

Bob Duplain

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Karen and I had 9 volunteers on site and painting was the name of the game.  The stairwell now has one coat of paint and is the only area that doesn’t have two coats of paint.  We opened the 4th 5 gallon container f wall paint and there is plenty left for the stairwell.

  • All the door trim and baseboard trim has one coat of paint.  The pieces are all over the place in the living room so watch where you step.
  • We had three Bishop Fenwick seniors there and they were helpful moving things out of the way to make room to paint the living room.
  • The three bundles of shingles are in the storage shed as we work out getting that shingled by a St. Peter’s Parish contractor. 
  • I asked the boys to carry the bypass closet doors outside so the edges could be sanded.  A station was setup by the temp power pole and Luke learned what an orbital sander is and how to use a palm sander to get rid of sharp edges.
  • A benefactor from Incarnation bought Wendy’s lunch and then the crews painted all the closet doors.  They are in a bedroom .
  • Dave Dressel was on site and I asked him to look at the prints and get the doors in or near where they will be installed.  The three for upstairs are still down stairs.
  • Dave also measured the closets for the wire shelving.  He measure front and back 66” up and took the shortest dimension less the width of the brackets.  We need a bolt cutter to cut them to length but also to have someone check the math.  The dimensions are on a page in the living room.  How many shelfs go in the pantry under the stairs?  Dave didn’t know how far the laundry shelf should be so we need direction on that.
  • The windows are measured for blinds.
  • The porch columns have a coat as do the entry doors.
  • The bath vanity of upstairs is there now plus many kitchen cabinet boxes to open after the painting in done.
  • Dave rolled up the coil aluminum and taped it for moving to another site.  Her has some boxes of nails, screws and button nails to go to another site.  There are a couple or bags of cement  on site – do you want me to Craigslist them as free or should the go to ReStore?  I will Craigslist the pallets accumulated since the build began unless someone tells me not to.
  • There is one case of water on site, so will need more this week.
  • Remember Bob Duplain will not be on site this week, and that Stave Albers won’t be there until Thursday when I sub for Bob until 1, then Ken takes over.

The House painting turned out well.  We didn’t paint the handrailing for upstairs – not sure if it gets stained or painted.

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

Friday, August 9, 2019

Roger arrived at the site this morning expecting 8 volunteers.  None of them showed up.  They apparently went to Tim’s site and ended up staying there.  Fortunately 3 seasoned volunteers appeared – Steve, Joe and Dick.  Roger got Dick and Joe busy with the stairwell painting set up and Steve started in on the shed.  I showed up about 9:45 after my appointment and Roger left. 

                I readied the front door for painting (cleaning and taping).  I opened the can of paint and then realized it was interior paint.  I ended up going downtown to Habitat to get the right paint, so after a late start, I only got done with the first coat on the door and the door opening. 

                Joe and Dick cut in where needed on the stairway with two coats of paint.  The “scaffolding” was taken down.  The walls are ready for wall paint. We have a handle extender which should allow the roller to reach far enough to paint the walls from the floor. 

                Joe and Dick also cut in and painted the bedroom next to the bathroom and the hall way.  The laundry room got a second coat of paint but was not cut in.  The living room closet, plenum, wall adjacent to the closet, and the outside wall where all cut in.  The closet, plenum, and short wall were second coated as well as the two window wells.

                In the mean time, Steve with some assistance from Joe, completed the fascia and soffit on the shed, and completed siding all the walls except the front door wall. It is time for the doors to be put up but the materials for doing so are not on the site.

                We are expecting about 6 volunteers tomorrow and plan to do a lot of painting.

                Our volunteers for today are wonderful people to work with.  All in all good day.


Thursday, August 9, 2019

On site today were Steve A., Ron E. Jim L., Dave D., Rick I., John (newbie from WSU) and myself.

Dave and John painted.  The lower two back bedrooms are now complete with two coats of paint.  All downstairs  interior corners have two coats of paint.  The third bedroom downstairs has been “cut in” but the walls have not been rolled.  Plenty of painting to do on walls, wood and doors for some aggressive weekend crews.

The rest of us worked on the shed.  Siding is up on the east and west sides.  The north and south sides have all channels, but no siding.  Facia and soffit has been installed.  Trim board (1×6) has been installed around the door opening.  Smaller trim board (1×4) will frame the doors with flat 2×4’s reinforcing the back side edges and behind the hinges.

Tim delivered the vinyl flooring that will be used in the front room of the house, the kitchen, the laundry room, and the downstairs hall.  The downstairs bathroom will be linoleum flooring and the downstairs bedrooms will be carpeted.  The upstairs will be carpeted except for linoleum in the bathroom.  Baseboard should not be installed in the vinyl and linoleum flooring rooms until flooring is complete.

Jeremy visit today and is eager to move into this new house.  The dedication will be September 21.

Dave brought a four foot ladder and an extension ladder that may work to paint the upper part of the stairs.  When the extension ladder is used, it should be fastened to the floor and/or held by another worker.  Ken stopped by at the end of the day and agreed that this may be a solution to the very high areas with a tall person.

Bob Duplain

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Tom B., my wife (Donna) and myself.

At the end of a long day today and including the work of yesterday, all of the interior has one coat of paint with two exceptions: the kitchen has two coats and the upper part of the stairs has no paint.  It looks great and will look even better with the second coat, that should commence tomorrow.

Steve and Tom worked on the shed.  Two corner strips are on and the soffit on three sides is complete.  Steve will be working on the shed tomorrow.

Roger paid a surprise visit shortly before the end of the day and showed us why he is the expert on brush cleaning.  Great job Roger,  and much needed cleaning after two days of painting.

Carter Lumber made two deliveries: one was doors and trim boards and two was cabinets, lights, hardware, etc.  We have plenty of material and work to deliver this job to the end.

Another surprise visit was from Tiffany and two of her daughters: Destiny and Delany.  These folks had not been in the house since drywall.  They were surprised and elated.  The fourth grader could not wait to see her room.   She could not get over the size of her room and the size of  her closet.  The mother was so gracious to  Habitat and CtBS.  This visit made the day for Donna and I.

A final visit was from Bill.  He asked about scheduling the dedication.  I suggested either September 14 or September 21, both Saturdays with a preference for September 14.  He said that dedications are always during the week.  I believe that the dates are doable, if we push for completion.  I also believe that CtBS dedications have been on Saturdays.  Roger and Ken, should finalize a date with Bill.

Bob Duplain

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Karen and I were a force of two on Saturday.  I brought a shop vac and had picked one up from the office so we got the house cleaned and wiped down to start painting.  Well except for the high places over the stairway.  The drywall finishing looks very good.  Time stopped to say the doors, trim package and kitchen cabinets were to be delivered first thing on Tuesday. I went to the house this afternoon and painted the kitchen, so the kitchen boxes can go there.  The main floor is open for doors and trim.

Karen and I made a list of things from Lowes but couldn’t find the Lowes card so the list is unfilled:

A kitchen broom, a bag of painters rags and some roller handles – there are two on site and we could use at least 4 more, some roller pans and liners.  The paint has been in storage so I brough a big drill and stirred up two 5 gallons containers.  The paint gear is in the laundry room.  Be sure to put cardboard under the mix and pour area.

For the shed roof, Tim estimated the roof is 6’ by 13” or 78 sf times two is 156 sf.  He says we need 2 1/3 square of shingles.  I took a picture of the one square from the house and will send that to Hank for the St. Peters contractor who offered to do the work..

Krissy, what is on the schedule for August 10 and 16 for groups?

Dave Deger and Jerry Shell joined us for lunch – delightful time under the trees.

Thank you,

Deacon Roger Duffy

(937) 269-6256

Monday, July 29, 2019

Just a reminder that the build site at 203 West Pease Ave. is closed Tuesday, July 30 – Friday, August 2 while dry wall mudding is going on. Build site will reopen Saturday, August 3.

Wednesday, July 24, 2019

By now you’ve received word the jobsite is on hold pending the drywall finishing.  I stopped there midday today with Bob DuPlain and Bill Thompson, and the dry wall contractor had someone there installing the window  drywall and the metal edges.  With our valued window donor Decunick scheduled for 8 volunteers on Saturday, and not much to do I asked Krissy to contact them about rescheduling or moving to the Trotwood women’s build site or rescheduling.  They chose the Trotwood site for Saturday, so I am travelling with them to Tim Jordan’s site.  Anyone else available would be welcomed to come to keep the Decunick  folks busy.  The West Pease site will be closed on the Volunteer hub until Saturday, August 3. 

Volunteers today included Tom Bishop and myself.

With no drawings to build the shed and work inside almost nonexistent, Tom and I cleaned two truckloads of supplies and equipment and returned same to Habitat.  Gone is the extra window, insulation, drywall lift, roofing clips, hardhats, etc.  Back bedroom is cleared of extra stuff and you can walk to the back of the POD.   

House looks great clean, but this won’t last.  Western Ohio Drywall started the corner bead and window strips.  They will finish tomorrow and mudding will begin no later than Saturday.  Allow one week for mudding, drying, etc.  The inside of the knee closet on top of the stairs did not have drywall on the inside of the door and this was completed.

Talked to Bill and Tim about the shred.  Ken is to come early tomorrow for shred construction.  Walls are to be 7 feet tall, two doors of 30 inches facing the house, 2×4 walls two feet off center.  After the shed is complete, there will be limited work until mudding is complete.

The house passed the drywall inspection.  Next inspection for construction is final inspection.  

Bob Duplain