Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Great weather and a terrific volunteer crew. We put up a lot of siding, soffit, and facia. Still some places to finish up, but not a lot. Doors got tape but no paint.

Tim brought drywall for utility room. ( I’m not sure about any screws or driver.) The other porch post was delivered.

It might be a challenge to keep a large crew going all day.

Water is there, but bring some ice.

Bob Gray

Friday, June 16, 2017

We had Steve, Ron and I and  nine volunteers  from Care Source.     Keith and Dave were there also.

  First I did not see the email about installing the bathroom fan so that did not get done. Could someone stop by Sat. and do  that?

  Fan is in the pod.


Completed the siding on the west wall and worked on the east wall.

Soffit was installed on the rear of the house an started on the east side.

All the J channel is up. The garage will be completed after ruff inspection.

Drywall nailers were installed in the heating duct chamber.

Several other interior items were completed

The plumbing was inspected and approved.

The broken window was replaced.   He gave us the cracked sash- can restore take it?

Work to Do:

Siding  Note: please be sure the vinyl siding is locked before nailing, We had to do some more tear down and reinstall.

Lots of  soffit to install.

Blocking for kitchen cabinets.  There is a kitchen layout hanging on the kitchen wall.

Paint doors, need to tape hardware before painting.    Paint and supplies on site.

Install facia after soffit is up.

Install porch posts – Need the third post that is on order.

Install baffles –  Baffles will be delivered with insulation.


Down to 2 cases of water

Out of ice

We are very close to be ready for ruff inspection especially with the electricians being on site on Monday.

Jerry Shell

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Made some progress on site today, with Jerry, Tom and I, plus 2 volunteers.

Rear siding completed and east side started. Jerry got all corners boxed in. HVAC guys had the central air duct in place. Dave said the plumbing crew made progress yesterday. There is a dumpster on site.

To do:

Complete F and J channel – remember to drop F 2 inches on gable – Tim brought a ladder for gables
Get trash in dumpster

Bob Gray

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Roger and I had 5 volunteers from the base. Dave was there to check supplies and left.

Work Accomplished:

Garage gable tyveked and f channeled – pieces left loose for the inspector to see the nail pattern

Garage truss supports installed on one side of the garage

Doors and windows foamed – some with foam overflowing and some with not enough

HVAC duct box completed

Remaining tyvek for the cable by the porch completed

House swept and site cleaned of debris, ready for dumpster

POD organized

Work to be done:

See Jerry’s list from Friday

Tyvek attached on garage after inspection

Spray foam cleaned up around windows and doors

Supplies needed

Ice for cooler


Tim brought white nails, deck screws, and a finish strip

I gave him some hammers, gloves, and a handleless broom to take back to the Restore.  He will pick up the left over tar paper and nails on Monday.

Wonderful volunteers to work with today.



Friday, June 9, 2017

We had three volunteers and Karen and  I on Site today.

Work Accomplished: 

Tyvek was installed on the east and west gables and the partial gable at the porch.

The two half posts were installed  on the porch, the siding  recut and installed as needed. And finished the front over the big window.

Added the nailing boards for the porch soffit and installed f- channel ( Do not install soffit  on porch until after ruff inspection.)

Work to be done:

Tyvek  garage gable – do not nail tyvek at the 3 inch nail pattern so  inspector can see pattern and do not side the garage door end.

Install F  and J channel around house – Note-Be sure to drop F-channel down 2 inches on gables.

Continue siding –  East side is ready to be sided.

Install truss supports and L- blocks on gables- See layout or have Tim line up.

Foam around doors and windows – Material on site.

Start soffit around house after F- channels are up.

Frame in garage door interior – Tim has line up.

Box in closet for HVAC duct – Karen has line up

Supplies or materials needed:

Need more hurricane clip nails to nail garage straps.

Need white finish – 3 pcs.

Ready for the Faux brick material.

The plumber instructor stopped by and they will start Monday

We need to contain our trash so it does not blow into the neighborhood;  –  A dumpster is to be set on Monday

Making great progress and it look great.

Jerry Shell


Thursday, June 8, 2017

Great day for working at Little Richmond.  Three CtBS regulars (Jerry, Rick and myself) plus a mother and son from the STEM school.

Task accomplished:

*  Generator, gasoline cans, extra hard hats, window tape, concrete nails, roof ropes, and other items not needed were returned to Habitat.

*  Items including insulation, plastic plumbing pipes, plastic chairs, etc. were moved inside the house.

*  Locksets including deadbolts were installed.  The house is now secure and the keys for the house are in the top drawer of the podium.

*  Posts for the front porch have been cut and will be installed tomorrow.  As the porch is to be finished with brick, some of the siding installed earlier will have to be removed.

*  All exterior walls have been caulked.  A quick review looked pretty good, but a more detailed review would be appropriate.

*  Nailing strips for drywall have been added to the boxed in ductwork down the main hall.

*  The inside attic opening has been boxed in for insulation.

*  The garage concrete and the porch concrete have been sawed for stress joints  (Keith).


Still plenty of work including:   remove porch siding, complete and or finish siding on other sides of the house.  Tyvek on house gables and then siding.  Interior door base plates need to be cut out.  Porch posts to be installed.  POD looks great after blitz week, but more organization would be great. 

Bob Duplain

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Lots going on today.; we had three volunteers + 5 folks from golden hammer, Tom, Steve, Bob and myself. Dave was there in the morning but had to leave for an appointment. 

The following work status; Siding started, the side, front and back have been sided up to the window tops. Garage and gables need house wrap before siding. Personnel door has been installed in the garage.There is house wrap and ladders in the POD.  Garage door could be installed, not who has that item. 

Roof ridge vent and shingles were installed this afternoon. WE NOW HAVE ELECTRIC. 

Items for tomorrow, continue siding, install door hardware to secure house. Interior caulking of framing. 

Need Saws All either fixed or replaced. TRASH needs to be picked up. PLEASE try to keep trash secure, we need to be good neighbors and not let trash blow into other yards. 

The following could be returned to Habitat:

    The hard hats

     The roof harnessed

      The generator and gas cans

      Anything else no longer needed on site. 

All in all a good day, except fort he off and on rain.



June 6, 2017 – Tuesday


We had a great group out to work and accomplished a lot:

Garage door and garage entry openings framed and ready for doors

Blue board installed over porch gable and through garage

Starter strips in place

Corners complete on west side – siding could start up to gable

Heat chase in central hall ready for duct

All hurricane clips inspected and nailing completed

Garage to house trusses secured with screws

Roofer needs to complete ridge over the garage


Tyvek for gables

16’ ladder for gable work

4×4 and glue for front threshold

Bob Gray