Friday, July 19, 2019

Roger and I had 10 volunteers today plus Ken who was there for a short time and brought “green board.” Volunteers were Steve, Dick, Nancy, and 7 folks from PSA finance. 

Steve worked on insulating the storage closet at the top of the stairs and framing it so it could be drywalled.  He also installed some of the drywall.

Dick cut and installed the missing drywall pieces in the second floor hallway.  He also added the drywall needed for the top of the shower/tub.  It is not screwed into place pending approval of okayedness.

Nancy cut the material for the upstairs windows and sweep the floor in one bedroom.

The PSA folks did a variety of jobs.  Some worked on cutting the dry wall for all the lower floor windows, one checked all the screw heads on the lower level, all of them checked the screw heads on the second floor, some foam insulated all the windows, and everyone helped clean up the site by removing scrap drywall from the house and disposing it in the dumpster.  A couple of them helped Ken hang green board on one wall in the laundry room and helped Roger fit green board  in the shower. The house looks entirely different with all the excess drywall gone and some of the cleaning done.  Much thanks to those who volunteered to make it happen.

Before the day began, PSA presented Roger and me with a check for $300.00 to be donated to Habitat.  When Krissy came later in the day, it was ceremonially handed to her.

As Roger was working in the shower area, he became concerned by the large gap between the back shower wall and the ceiling. He would like some advice as to if it should be redone.

For tomorrow:

Finish drywalling in the storage closet.

Finish drywalling the laundry area.

Finish drywalling the shower area.

Add missing screws to the lower part of the stair wall in the living room.

Continue removing excess drywall from the upstairs bedroom.

Decide what to do in the two bathroom areas.

Sweep/vacuum the floors.

Clean the walls in preparation for the drywallers.

Bill – could someone from Habitat come pick up the left over insulation and the lifter? They are stored in the back bedroom. Hopefully we will be finished drywalling tomorrow so the finishers can be scheduled for next week.

Two up coming projects – a door for the storage closet and a cabinet for the downstairs shower room.

The PSA folks left at 12:30. Nancy was there for a couple of hours the morning.  The rest of us quit at about 2:30 – dripping wet.

All and all a profitable day.


Thursday, July 18, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Ron, Jim L., Rick I., myself and Ken and Tom in the afternoon.

Everyone worked on drywall.  Stairwell is complete and upstairs bath is almost complete.  Hidden electrical boxes in the living room were exposed and the drywall on the dining room wall was hung.  Significant areas to be completed include the downstairs bath, laundry room and the hall between the two upstairs bedrooms.  The end is in sight.  Quality control checks and clean will follow.

The wood package for the rear shed was delivered.  Tim was not on site today.  Ken will update after the evening shift.

Bob Duplain

Evening Report for Thursday

John, I, a father and daughter and 4 volunteers from NuVasive were on hand. This crew was able to finish the upstairs bathroom, and the north bedroom in additon to the hall way. There are a few small lower strips that need to be added as well as the facing at the top of the stairs. 

We were unable to complete the lower bathroom and the laundry area because we ran out of acceptable blue board. If we can get this material early tomorrow we can finish the remaining area. We also need to cut the material for around the windows. The mudders will install but we need to cut.

We were trying to finish the storage area at the top of the stairs when I remebered we had a light switch and a litght reseptacle which would be behind the drywall. We need clarification on how to proceed. Also, there is no insulation on the out side wall in this area. This need to be resolved prior to drywall.

A very good evening.


Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Volunteers today included Steve, Dave D., Tom, and myself.  Tim was on site for part of the day, but was not feeling well.

We completed the upstairs stairwell drywall down to the floor joists. We disassembled the support system.  Both upstairs closets were finished as was the cold air return chute.

There is a lot of drywall yet to complete this phase of our house:  both upstairs and downstairs bathrooms, upstairs hall including ceiling,  lower staircase, missing piece in dining room, and south wall upstairs in the north bedroom.   After all drywall is installed, we need to check all walls  for screws at the proper depth, the correct number of screws, and small missing pieces.  The windows need to be foamed before we turn the house over to the mudders.  Finally the house will need to be cleaned of all debris so that the mudders have room to work.  

The electric line in the wall between the kitchen and the dining room is be pushed through the kitchen wall next to the floor and left coiled on the floor.  

The drywall on the south living room wall next to the staircase may have outlets covered.

The shed package is to be delivered tomorrow.  

Tim will be delivering the brake to complete the front trim.

Tim will remove the extra air exhaust in the lower rear roof and repair.

Two volunteers signed up for tomorrow, progress accordingly.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Another good day. We had Tom B. Ron E. Dave. D., Steve A., Myself and Our partner father Jeremy.

The task for the day was drywalling and progress continues. The north upstairs bedroom is nearly complete and the ceiling above the stairs is complete.  We started the stairway walls and the hallway ceiling.

The main task for tomorrow is to complete the north bedroom and the halway and stairs. Because of the difficulty in reaching these areas progress is slower then desired. We build a support system to reach these areas and used the 2×10 and 12 long pieces to act as the deck for doing this work.

The bathrooms and will be next to do.

Steve was able to identify the use for the coiled electric line. It is for a dish washer if the partner family wants to add one at a later date. Bill, we need instructions if an electric box is required to be added or do we just leave the wire coiled in the cavity between the studs.

I believe we will be finished drywalling by Friday and am concerned about having adequate work for the Saturday crew. 

Will update status on this subject by Thursday


Friday, July 12, 2019

Another good day. We had Steve, Gary, Myself and 8 volunteers from Advantics.

These guys were really good. Nearly all of the first floor has been drywalled.  The laundry area and the bathroom still need to be finished. The laundry area needs to have the moisture resistant drywall applied to the wall behind the water heater and washer and dryer. We have on last piece of drywall on the dining room side of the kitchen wall we need direction on what to do with the electric line coiled in this area.

I will finish the bathroom on Tuesday as well as the bathroom upstairs.

We were able to finish the south bedroom and about a half of the north bedroom.

Hanging drywall on this house design is extremely difficult. The angled surface and the heavy batts in the ceiling create issues with screw pops and we needed to nearly double the screws to alleviate this problem. .

For tomorrow we need to continue with the drywall. The hallway and the stair areas will be a challenge and we could use direction on how to safely drywall these areas.

Also we started but a good cleaning of the house woulds make work safer.


Thursday, July 11, 2019

Today was another productive day. We had 8 volunteers inthe day (Hank, Rick I, Ron, Dave D, Joe, Bill , Steve, and Myself.

Steve and Bill finished the siding on the front of the house and added the housing around the electric outlets on the side of the house.

The rest of us work on drywall. All of the exterior walls on the first floor ,except for the kitchen are complete.

The evening crew consisted of John, and myself and 5 volinteers from NuVasive. We all worked on drywall. The north west bedroom is complete and the northeast and west center bedroom have been started with closets complete and some of the interior rooms started. John and 2 volunteers started upstairs and finished about a third of the south bedroom.

A very good day despite the heat.


Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Six volunteers today:   Two from Manco and Four regulars, Steve, Tom, Dave D., and myself

Activities included:

Ceiling and wall drywall downstairs.  Ceilings in two bedrooms and kitchen completed.  Front wall in living room almost complete.

Brewer Plumbing returned to move the air exhaust pipe in the rear lower roof.  (Tim installed the boot on the exhaust pipe yesterday.)  The current exhaust pipe is four feet from the upstairs window and code requires six feet from a window.  A new exhaust pipe has been installed leaving the old pipe and boot in place so that no moisture will get into the house.  The old pipe will have to be removed and the roof repaired.

Mike Traen from Certified Energy Raters did our Energy Star inspection.  He liked what he saw and commented that he could find nothing to complain about.

Jerry Shell visiting with his daughter and family.  He looks good but is in some pain.  Said he really misses not being able to work with us.  He remains optimistic with his treatments and ultimately surgery.

A lady from Central Presbyterian Church, who reads our social media, visited us.   Her last name was Settler and she does habitat work domestically  and  internationally like Jerry and Karen.  I encouraged her to put a group together and join the fun at Pease Avenue.

Drywall remains the name of the game.  The siding on the front porch could be completed to put the siding into the finished list.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Some good progress today on Pease Ave. Tom, Ron, Steve, Jeremy ( homeowner) and I, plus 4 young volunteers started drywall. We got ceilings done in the living room and one back bedroom, plus several closets and hvac chases. Ron put in an access to back bedroom attic area for insulation. 

Needs at the site are:

       Several more screw guns with depth-setting ability ( there are currently 2.) 

       A Rotozip with a wrench to change bits ( bits are on site.) ( One tool died today.)

       Dust masks.


I went by Jerry’s house yesterday to pick up his pod key, and he’s having a lot of pain and already counting days to the end of trips for radiation.

I will not be at the site next Tuesday. I gave Tom the key from Jerry, which worked fine. Additional support that day would be welcomed.

Bob Gray

Thursday, July 4, 2019

Happy Independence Day

We are off till Tuesday, July 9 when we start putting up dry wall.

Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Month of June is finished and the CtBS house is making great progress.  Today we passed insulation inspection and gas line inspection.  We are ready to start drywall!!

Today no volunteers signed up, but I asked Dave D., and Tom B., to help me finish taping before our inspection at 2:00 PM.  Dave and Tom left at 11:00 and I stayed for the inspection.  Special thanks to you both as I know you had other priorities.  

Activities today:

Brewer completed the drain on the upstairs shower and readied the gas line for inspection.  I asked Carl Brewer about a support for the upstairs toilet water line and he said the drywall will be an adequate hold.  I believe a small nail will hold the line to a joist.

Synergy came out with a backhoe and covered the electric line to the house.  This is a fine company and so responsive.  I asked the operator to give special thanks to Jared (President).

Dave, Tom and I finished the taping and foaming in various spots, and then a general cleaning of the house.  Tom and I jumped into the dumpster and rearranged trash from other sites to make more room.  A nine foot dumpster should be adequate for our needs.  Pieces of insulation, scrap wood pieces, etc. all hit the dumpster.  I removed all loose wood from the ceiling of floor one.  Tools we will not be using have been returned to the POD.

The roof flange has NOT been installed in the right back bedroom roof.  This must be completed prior to drywall in this room.

The WC inspector said the “nailing” requirement for drywall is every 12 inches.

Everyone have a great INDEPENDENCE DAY, enjoy the time off, and see you soon.

Bob Duplain