Wednesday, August 1, 2018

On site today was Tim, Jerry, Ron E., Ken, Janet and myself.

Inspector arrived about 10:10AM and noted three items to complete in order to pass inspection:  additional bracing for all three gable ends, reinstall the bathroom fan to take out air flow kinks, install blocking on both left and right sides of the garage top plates.  Gable end bracing and bathroom fan kinks were corrected today.  Blocking on sides of garage was started and will be completed tomorrow.  A new inspection is tentatively scheduled for Friday.

Blocking for towel racks was completed in the bathroom.

The front sidewalk was framed with gravel added and dirt backfilled against the sides.  The driveway was framed on the left side.  Right side and street side have not be completed.  Tim brought the Bobcat from Habitat and moved gravel and dirt to expedite this task.  Tomorrow final touches of the gravel, dirt backfill and framing can be completed.

Tim was also able to back fill the trench for the electric line.  Electricity can now be connected to the house.  Tim to call.

Energy inspector made a visit to review insulation.  Friday afternoon and Saturday should be adequate to complete insulation if framing inspection happens on Friday morning.  Energy inspector will come back to the house on Monday as he has a key.

Drywall is still not ready to start, but it is getting close.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Tim, Tom, Ron and myself on site today. Concrete forms were removed, “goal post” around garage door put up, straps replaced, porch railing installed, and lots of supports in attic area installed. Tim says plenty of work ahead once inspection is complete tomorrow ( first thing??)

I will be out of town next week so Tom will send the report.

Bob Gray

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Six volunteers were on the site from RQ Junior Force. Pam Johnson and Tim’s friend Jamie were also there.

The first task of the day was to modify some structural issues with the rafters in the front of the house.  Tim had delivered the needed wood the night before.  However it was missing in the morning (stolen), so a trip to Lowe’s had to be made to buy more wood. The task was completed by the end of the day.

The porch posts were installed.  The north and south walls of the crawl space were insulated. And lots of brush from behind the temporary electrical pole was cut down under Roger’s leadership.  A temporary bridge was laid across the utility trench.  Mr Brewer, the plumber, came and corrected the plumbing issue in the crawl space, so the plumbing is ready for inspection which will hopefully happen Monday so the structural inspection can happen on Tuesday. The hole inspection still needs to be completed.

The porch railings can be painted and installed. If the inspection passes the back porch can be built.

All the decking wood was put in the empty trailer to keep it from being stolen.

Ice was added to the coolers.

All our volunteers were wonderful making it a great day.



Thursday, July 26, 2018

Went out to Sandy Drive this week as I had not received any reports and wanted to see first hand the progress.  No volunteers, but Synergy, the plumber, and Bill (Habitat) were there before I left.

The most disappointing news was that the house lock box had been cut off the garage door handle.  (Remember this happened to our house across the street two years ago with tools stolen).  The back kitchen door was wide open so I think it is safe to say that a set of the keys has been stolen.  No damage to the house or evidence of stealing that I noted.  Bill was going to call the police and have Tim come out and install new locks.

Yes, there is electrical service to the pole.  Tag in the garage says Dillards rough and service electrical has been approved  (July 24).

Plumber is completing his rough today and will call for inspection tomorrow morning.  Not certain whether the inspection will be tomorrow or next week as you are not given a time until you call in.

Concrete is to be poured tomorrow on the porch and garage by a contractor.  I thanked Bill profusely for this.   Driveway will be in the future.

The porch needs more bracing before it can pass inspection.  Bill says a drawing needs to be completed before work can be done.  This inspection will be done at the same time as the inside rough.

Synergy was digging the trench for the electrical service to the house.  They were also spreading some of the soil in the back to cover the drainage tile.  This is a great company to partner with and Jared (President) is extremely supportive.   I asked the backhoe operator to carry this message back to Jared.

I asked Bill if we should plan on work for Friday or Saturday and he said no.

Bob Duplain

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Today it was Tim and I.

We added the insulation around the rim board in the crawl space.  Tim applied sealer around the electrical, cable and telephone wires so we should have no leaks at these locations. We also extended the drainage tile so the entire lot could be graded.

Synergy was there grading the lot. They will also open a trench so the main power line can be installed.

We do have power at the pole.

The plumbing inspection is planned for tomorrow. Tim feels the earliest we can have the framing inspection is next week.

The concrete pour for  the porch and garage is planned for Friday.

Once again we are at a delay point. No work tomorrow and Friday. Saturday is still on. They hope to be able to do porch posts, and railings on Saturday.

Hopefully we can be full go by middle of next week.


Saturday, July 21, 2018

Karen and I had 9 volunteers from the 88th Booster group today.  When we arrived, the water and sewer connections had been completed by Korrect Plumbing on Friday. A volunteer scraped some mud off the sidewalk and the rain should clean the sidewalk.  Korrect brought a load of pea gravel for the install so there is a pile of dirt to grade.  The water hasn’t been turned on as the plumbing inspection failed.  Dave G was by but didn’t stay long.

The volunteers:

  • Installed the visquene in the crawl space, but there is no pea gravel over the plastic.
  • Installed 2×4 under the hvac duct work chase for drywall to fasten to.  Bob Gray – a “to do” is to box in the end of the hvac run over the linen closet with OSB as a fire break like in the hallway.  Karen had a piece of OSB cut before we shut down on Saturday.  All of the 2×4 support for the drywall was completed.
  • Outdoors, Tim  had a small trailer so we loaded all the brush and he took about 5 loads to the brush drop off site on 3rd street.  I grubbed out sprouting invasive material in front of the power transformer, and opened up a wide area by the transformer.  A task for next week is to dig the trench for the phone, cable and power line.
  • I bought some Sawzall blades and some packs of nitrile landscape glove for volunteers.  All the scarp lumber is gone and the site is ready for lawn mowing where we had materials.
  • For the first time it looked to me like we might make the second week of September dedication

For next week:

  • Concrete pours for the porch and garage floor.
  • Porch columns
  • Inspection of the back porch post holes – then layout and install to the plans.
  • Build the back porch deck.
  • Getting a hose bib turned on for the concrete work.
  • Inspections and go ahead to start insulation.

The site looks great and the progress has been very good. The house is turning out very well and today’s group were top notch.  The online Volunteer Hub check in is a breeze and has the benefit of an instant thank you by email.

There is some water on site but ice will be needed for Tuesday.

Roger Duffy

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Finished all work available on site by 3 pm. According to Tim the decision to cancel the next 3 work days has been made.


Bob Gray

Saturday, July 14, 2018

We had an excellent group today from Deceuninck who makes the parts for the windows which are donated to us.

Two of the guys worked on finishing all the fascia.  They also completed the softet on the east gable.

One of the guys and a gal worked on siding all day.  Then the whole crew worked on finishing the siding on the front, porch, and garage except for the top piece.  Tim had left and they wanted to use screws to finish but we didn’t have a screw gun so it was left undone.

Two ladies and a young man, second coated the exterior doors and removed the blue tape.

All the dry wall catchers were completed.

Tim put up the framing around the garage opening with the help of two of the volunteers volunteers.

I swept most of the house and Roger tidied up the grounds.

The top pieces for the siding needs to be done.  The garage door wall still needs to be sided.

Nothing was done with the post holes.  They still need to be inspected and I do not know if anything more needs to be done before the inspector comes. If it could be inspected on Monday, it would be ready for volunteers on Tuesday.

The volunteers today were hard workers, stuck to their work, were conscientious about cleaning up, and were pleasant to work with.

Well done,




Friday, July 13, 2018

Good progress made today.

All except the top of the west gable fascia was completed with the help of Steve and 2 interns from CareSource.

Three of the CareSource ladies painted the exterior doors, and the porch posts.

Brandon from CareSource worked with Jerry on the post placements.  One of the posts was cut in half so it would fit flush with the wall.  Tim helped with the cutting.  All the siding trim was put in place for the front, the porch, and the east garage wall.  There will be no faux brick in the porch area as previously indicated.

The inspector came for the post holes but the inspection did not pass.  There were no plans on the architectural drawings so he had nothing to check them against.  Bill later came with the needed diagram.

Another volunteer from CareSource took down the attic flooring we had put up last weekend.  It is not allowed as the rafter spacing is not designed to hold the weight of stored materials.

Tomorrow, siding can be continued on the front, porch and garage walls.  Tim will need to cut the 2×10’s that were delivered today to finish out the framing of the garage opening.  Then that side of the garage can be sided.

The soffet and fascia still need to be done above the great room.

The east gable end fascia can be completed.

The three doors and their jams will need a second coat of paint as well as the porch posts.

OSB can be added to the attic openings to hold the insulation.

The post holes can be evaluated in accordance with the new diagram.

There are a few hangers to be hung.

The HVAC folks will be on site next week.

Looking forward to another productive day tomorrow.



Thursday, July 12, 2018

The first shift at Sandy Drive included 4 Ctbs (Jerry, Rick, Ken, Bob D.) and 5 Habitat Volunteers (Ron E., David D., Rick K., Janet E., Steve)

Accomplishments included:  garage floor was brought to grade with pea gravel and frame was installed to be ready for concrete (along with front porch that was completed yesterday),  ice and water guard was installed on house walls of porch,  utility room was sanded, painted and flooring installed  (to be ready for furnace installation), holes were dug for rear deck and now await inspection before deck can be built,  galvanized nails were nailed into floor plate of outside walls to meet code,  blue board was installed on front outside walls above porch and garage to contain blown installation in attic,  misc channel and soffit work continues,  and clean up inside and outside the house.

Open tasks;  siding on front of house, garage and above great room,  install nailer 2×4’s inside center house furnace duct track.  Electrical rough and furnace work need to be done to keep house on current schedule.  Holes need to be inspected to build deck.  Available tasks will draw down quickly without rough electrical, furnace installation, and inspections asap.  Tim is still pursuing concrete for porch and garage with Habitat.

Plenty of water and soft drinks available, but ice will be needed by Saturday.

Bob Duplain

Evening Shift:

A great Thursday evening. We had John B, Jacob Hall and his 2 sons., Gary Nieport and Terry Pate onsite.

Terry applied the second coat of paint to the utility room. We can use her as a painting leader when we get to that phase, She is such a nice lady and so amazed at the priogress we make each week.

John and Jacob’s 2 sons installeed the 2×4 framing around the base of the hvac duct chase in the hallway

Jacob, Gary and I finished installing the F, J and siding on the offset gable side. It is ready for soffit.

Trying to clean paint brushes and rollers without water is a pain. I may have ruined a brush and roller cover.

As Bob D expressed we are rapidly running out of work. Really need concrete, electrical plumbing and hvac work to be completed so we can effewctively utilize our volunteers.