Thursday, August 3, 2017


Onsite today were four Ctbs volunteers (Jerry, Rick, Dave and myself) and three repeat Habitat volunteers. A great crew, all with experience, and ready to work.

Dave turned on the water and checked for issues and leaks.  We hooked up our hose to the rear faucet and now have a cleaning station in the backyard away from the house.

DP&L laid the electric line in the backyard trench.  This will be buried Friday or Saturday so we will be ready for the electrician to complete installation of electricity into the house.

All rooms have now been painted two coats.  The sweeper filter was repaired and some minor cleaning was done, now that the unit does not blow dust all over.

All frame doors were taped and painted one coat with the exception of two doors.  All doors (framed and slider) need a second coat of paint.  Framed doors can be put back in their frame and hung as we have the compressor and nail guns (delivered by Tim at the end of the day).

Door trim and baseboard all have completed two coats of paint.  The window sills also have two coats of paint.  Installation ready.

Cabinets were moved inside the house as the garage is filled with painted wood trim and doors.  Shelving is inside the house, but will need to be cut to length for each closet.

Norm,  we will need a mailbox with 4×4 post and concrete.

After the electric line is buried, we need to schedule Synergy to do yard grading, so that the driveway and backdoor pad can be started and completed.

Bob Duplain


We had John Belt, Pam Johnson, Ted Schorr and myself there this evening.

The window sill were cut all edges rounded, installed and then caulked.

Ted also caulked around the windows where the drywall side panels met the window frame.

John filled and sanded all the door frames where needed.

Pam and I painted the remaining doors and applied the second coat on several others. We stopped because the drips on the edges were still wet and could not be removed with out leaving a mess.

The door frames and the doors can be painted tomorrow. Also the window sills can be painted

The trim can be installed in the family room and around the rear door.

Overall a good night


Wednesday, August 2, 2017

We had a hard working crew of 4 CtBS folks and 2 volunteers. The word for today was PAINT. All walls except for the two side bedrooms and the laundry have two coats of paint. Maury went out and purchased several roller handles as the two on site were not sufficient for 6 people. Thanks, Maury.

The game plan for tomorrow is to put the second coat on the three remaining rooms, the trom is to be moved into the living room area in order to make room in the garage so that the doors can be painted.

Does anyone know when we will have water on site? Sure could have used it today. We were able to get by with the water Bob drained from the coolers and some gallon jugs he brought.

Does anyone know when the electric will be installed and hooked up?

Does the garage ceiling get painted?

Thanks for a great crew today,



Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tom and I had one volunteer, Baxter show up. We spent a good bit of time cleaning, then painted walls in the great room, kitchen, main hall and first bedroom.( The closet inside the front door is not completely done.)

I would suggest a good shop vac with dust filter to continue the cleanup around windows, etc. Also I think it’s important to bring some jugs of water for cleanup. Plenty of bottled water  on site.

Bob Gray

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Today was a very good day at the build. We had Bill, Leo, J. W, Amanda, myself and a great surprise in having Karen Clute back. A second surprise came at noon when Cherelle and her daughter joined us.

Due to the efforts od this fine crew we applied the second coat of paint to all of the trim. We then applied the first coating to the 8 bypass doors.

We cleaned the electric outlet boxes of compound and also cleaned the hinges and the out side doors for drywall mud residue.

Karen jumped right in and cleaned the bath tub and we cut a cover for the tub.

Because we still had walls that had not had the final sanding we did not start the wall painting. Nearly all the rooms had some areas that needed attention. The bathroom may not have had the second coat of drywall mud.

Cherelle was so excited to see the progress on her home. She is so appreciative of everyone’s efforts in building her home. Thank yous were in every sentence she said. A big surprise to me was that she had never painted before. She was excited to learn this new skill. She is a fine partner family for CtBS.

Tasks for Tuesday are:

– Apply the second coat of paint to the 8 bypass doors

– If the walls have be sanded  we can clean them of all dust and them apply the first coat of paint.

– We also need to clean the mud residue from all windows.

– Because we were painting in the bedrooms we did little vacuuming for fear of generating dust. The house should be vacuumed after the mudder’s are finished.


Overall a very good day!

Welcome Back, Karen.



Friday, July 28, 2017

There were three hard working volunteers, Dave D. and I on site today.

The dry wall mudding is not done yet.  The final coat has been completed and the ceilings are stomped but some of the corners were still damp yet this afternoon.   The final sanding may be able to be done tomorrow but the drywall contractor will have to make that call.

All the cabinets, counters, trim and doors were delivered this morning about 9:30.  And Tim delivered the trim paint, paint tools and a Vacuum unit.

Work progress:  The excess mud was scraped from the floors in the entire house and  the floors were swept.

The trench for the electric service was hand dug to the house and to the DP and L feed post.  It is ready to lay wire.

All the trim boards were painted the 1st coat. No door were painted.

A new ground rod was located to the east  to be out of the concrete pad at the back door.

Aluminum trim was caulked.

Work to do:   Clean  excess mud out of the electrical outlets.

Clean  excess mud off the  exterior doors, door hardware  and all the windows and window frames.

Clean the bath tub and tub walls

Paint second coat  on  all trim boards and paint all doors  first coat.  All paint and tools are on site.

When finish sanding is completed start painting interior walls.    All paint and  tools are on site.

Ice is needed.

Norm to get caulk to match porch grout.

Jerry Shell


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

The day was closed to Habitat volunteers.   Dave Deger, Jerry Shell and I worked as CtBS volunteers.

Jerry and I completed all metal fabrication on the porch beams and garage door framing.  Chalking remains to do done.

Dave supervised the plumbing crew from Korrect who were there all day. The water line and sanitary line were installed.   The water line box and county shut off will be just to the right of the driveway. (Driveway may have to be a little bit narrower to avoid the box and shutoff.)  Just before 3:30 a leak in the water line was discovered on the county side of the shut off.  The county was called and Korrect and Dave were waiting their arrival.

The Korrect backhoe operator dug the trench in the back yard from the electric box to the house.  Some manual digging will be required as he was not able to get up against the location of the box due to our electric post.

A first coat of drywall mud was completed prior to today.    As a first coat, it looks good.  Corners of rooms and closets were still damp.  All windows and doors were left open the entire day to expedite drying.  Many spots were still damp at the end of the day.  Joints have been covered on the ceiling, but no stomping.  With first coat sanding and second coat drywall and sanding yet to be done,  I do not think that any painting on the walls can be done prior to Saturday.  Even Saturday will depend on when the next coat of mud and ceiling stomping is complete.

Materials needed for painting:   (Five gallon pales of paint are on site.

Full size rollers and covers. (Currently have two covers and rollers.)

Brushes (Currently have two.)

Roller pans  (Currently have none.)

Mixing blade and screens for the five gallon buckets.

Shop vacuum

Floor Scrapper

Once yard work starts we will need a wheel barrow and rakes.

We need chalking to match the grout of the brick on the front porch.

To move ahead the drywall needs to be completed asap and after some rains the yard will need to be final graded.

Bob Duplain


Thursday, July 20, 2017

We had Dave D,  Bob D. and I  on site today.  The dry wall contractor was there and installed all the corner and window trim and the taping will start tomorrow or Sat.

Work progress:

The bath tub trap was installed and the last piece of dry wall was installed.

The last trim boards were install on the porch posts and the trim was painted.

The Aluminum trim was started on the porch but rain and heat stopped that about 2:00 pm.

The extra dry wall, the drywall lift and the extra insulation was returned  when the break was delivered.

Work to do:

Continue the aluminum trim on the porch and at the garage door.   ( I will work on this next week)

Korrect is scheduled for next Wed.

The side walk can be edged.

When the doors and trim are delivered the painting can begin.

Supplies:    We will need Ice on our next work day.

The dry wall tape needs to be delivered tomorrow.  ( Norm knows this)

Need paint and paint tools.

Jerry Shell


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

We had 6 volunteers from Sogeti this morning, plus Tom, Bob and myself, Dave stopped bye for a while. Spent the morning inspecting the drywall screws and redoing or resetting as required. Cut the drywall pieces for the windows and cleaned out the house.

The following need to be picked up; the leftover drywall in the garage, the lift and the tools. In addition the pile of 2 x 4’s in the back yard could also be taken. Unless other form boards are provided perhaps 8 to 10 of the 2x’s should remain for the drive and walkway forms. There are one or two bags of bottles that could also be recycled.

I believe that Jerry requested that the aluminum brake be brought out tomorrow. There is an area at the bathtub drain that must be plumbed before the drywall can be completed. Dave said that he is going to have Jerry help him tomorrow. Bob will be on site to show where.

There is no ice on site and it would be a good idea to have some for tomorrow.

Next week after the mudders are finished, we will need painting supplies, trim for doors and base. Also the doors so that they can be painted.

We were done around lunchtime so we called it a day.

Note: Per Dave Korrect will not be able to be on site till next Wednesday.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Very good work day today, with 3 hard-working volunteers and Steve, Tom, and I. We completed drywall in east 2 bedrooms, and started the 3rd. Thought we were in Kansas about 3 pm as we witnessed tree limbs, trash cans, 2 small dogs and a goat blow down Little Richmond Blvd. When the port-o-let went down we called it a day, just as power went away.

So some contact needs to be made with whoever regarding the crapper.

Plenty of drywall sheets to hang.

We found many screws that were not fully set, and tried to fix those. It’s always a challenge to monitor all volunteers, but it’s worth it to not have to go back and re-screw.

Found the east bedroom window wide open upon arrival this am. No damage inside, and it doesn’t appear that anything is missing, ( but I’m not sure what was there.)

Bob Gray

Friday, July 7, 2017

There were no volunteers on site today. Dave was in site awhile in the morning  and I stayed until noon.

Work done:    The hose bobb water line to the front was repaired.

The porch post base trim was cut,installed and caulked and is ready to be painted

(I was short two small pieced if cedar trim to complete the one half post but found a

short length of cedar at home that I can finish that when I return in a week.)

Work to do:    Lots of dry wall

Finish sanding the utility room.

Paint the porch post trim.

Insulate at the top and bottom of the electrical panel box before dry walling.

When dry walling at the two hose bobb shutoff valves, cut and install the access plates –

( The access plate are with Daves plumbing  supplies )

Do not dry wall at the tub drain end until Dave installs the drain trap

See Norms email  about the caulk and utility room painting.

PS             Al just a reminder I will not be on site Thurs. or Friday 7/13 and 7/14.  And Karen will not be available Friday or Saturday                  714/ and 7/15.

Jerry Shell