Wednesday, September 19, 2018

The most volunteers that I have seen since Blitz Week!!  Jerry, Bob S., Ken, Al (morning), Tom, and myself for Ctbs and five in the afternoon from PSA.  Thank you, Krissy.

Concrete for the remainder of the driveway and the sidewalk was poured at 1:00PM.  In the morning we removed gravel from the driveway to allow a 6″ pour.  This gravel was leveled in the sidewalk and stored by the POD.

Floors in all the tile and linoleum rooms were sanded and cleaned in preparation for laying floors in the bathroom, laundry room and great room tomorrow.  The bathroom and laundry room will be linoleum while the great room will be the vinyl floating floors.  Material is on site.

The back deck and front spindles were sanded and cleaned in preparation for applying the clear stain.  The back deck was given one complete coating of stain.  Front deck needs its first coat.

The garage was cleaned of sawdust and dirt and all materials were stored on the west wall.  Drywall was installed on the front of both the west and east sides  of the garage.  Code required that we have drywall covering the wires from the panel box.

The yard was raked and a large number of rocks were added to the dumpster.  The condition of the lot is the best that I have seen since the beginning of my Habitat days.  Some soil was added to the front planting area, but more would be helpful.  The planting area in front of the house should be marked for delivery of plants and shrubs.

House numbers were installed on the front porch column.

Holes were bored in the cabinet above the stove for the vent pipe.

Towel racks were installed in the bathroom.

Bob Duplain


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

We had 6 of us today. Tom B., Bob Swab,  Ron E, Janet E,   Dave D. and myself.

We were able to complete or make significant progress toward on the following items:

1- The access to the attic in the garage was completed

2- The last kitchen cabinet was hung.

3- The front door was repainted.

4- The trim around the base of the porch post was caulked and painted.

5- One of the interior door was repainted

6- The wire racks were installed in the linen closet, above the washer dryer and 2 shelves in the pantry

7- The deck railings in the back were installed.

8- The drywall cover over the hole behind the tub was sanded remudded and then remudded again.  I think a last light sanding and we can paint.

9- Scraped and cleaned the bathroom floor. We will need to sand and do a final vaccum  before we lay the floor.

We did not receive any flooring. Bill will have Tim get the proper medicine cabinet so we can hopefully install tomorrow.

Overall a very productive day, I requested that Habitat get us some rakes so we can begin prepping the beds.


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Three volunteers, Bob Duplain, Karen and I were on site today. The baseboard has all been cut but not nailed for places with vinyl flooring coming.  Bob and John Ferguson were thrifty with there material use and there are three full lengths of baseboard material left over.

  • The nailed baseboard and door casing has been caulked and or nail holes filled.
  • The damaged 33” upper kitchen cabinet is here – undamaged and ready for installation.
  • The bathroom medicine cabinet came in a box reading oak but was painted white.  It has been repackaged and is in the bedroom.
  • Bob and Jon installed wire closet shelving in the remaining closets and kitchen closet.
  • One of the volunteers and I formed the sidewalk area, but we didn’t have a shovel to move gravel for the correct apron depth.
  • The volunteer and I cut the outside sewer cleanout access to ground level.
  • Bob Duplain filled the non potable water container for Tuesday.
    • I texted Tim to bring back a pointed and flat base shovel, bottled water, 8 and 16 penny nails.
    • If a painter was available, the hall side door of the bedroom by the garage needs pain as does the nail holes and caulked door casings.
    • Several items from Jerry’s Friday 9/14 punch list were started and nearly finished, but the complete list is on the kitchen counter.

All in all, a much better day than Friday.  The house really looks good.  Bring your kneepads for next week’s flooring marathon.

Sadly for us but good for him, John Feguson who has helped several weekends is returning to Connecticut with his employer later this month.


Friday, September 14, 2018

I, Karen, Dave and Terry, worked today.  Terry did an excellent job caulking and filling nail holes while Karen and  Dave worked on baseboard.

Baseboard is installed in one bedroom and part way down the hall.  This work can continue.

All the casing has been caulked and mail holed filled.  The nail holed need to be sanded.

The trim was installed around the porch posts.  They need to be caulked and painted.

The lot was finish graded this morning and looks great. Need to be cleaned up and prepped for sod.

Still no plumbers on site.

Flooring is to be delivered on Tuesday.


The following punch list is what needs to be done but it is not in any order nor is it complete.

Complete base board installation

Complete caulking and nail hole filling

Touch up paint all casing and bases board

Cut off sewer clean out pipe to ground level.

Complete rear porch railings and styles –  See front porch to match the same way – Material on site

Install house Numbers – numbers on site

Caulk and paint  base trim around front porch posts

Paint front porch railings and rear porch  with treated wood stain-  Stain is on site.

Sand nail holes on all casing and touch up paint

Paint all window sills and trim under the sills

Install stove exhaust pipe between vent hood and ceiling pipe.  Need to purchase pipe

Need to cut pipe holes  in the cabinet for the vent  pipe

Build box around the vent pipe over cabinet –  material on site

Install door stops – material on site

Install door handle sets on all interior doors –  material on site

Install vanity in bathroom – vanity  on site

Install towel rack – matl on site

Caulk around counter tops

Install stove exhaust vent – After other item are completed

Complete installation of shelving in two closets and at the laundry area – all material is cut and at location.

Install casing around the garage access opening – need an 8ft. ladder

Install blinds  – blinds are on site

Sand the taped panel in the middle bedroom   and apply the second coat of mud. Need a mud blade to complete this.

Dig out the two sidewalk site, add gravel and form sides – must have 4 inches of concrete.

The apron must have  6 inches of concrete – some gravel must be removed

Lay the laminate flooring –  Flooring to be delivered Tuesday 9/18

Install kick boards in kitchen – after flooring is layed

Replace the garage entry door  – door on  order

Install two storm doors –  A near final item – need to purchase two doors.

Define the location of the mail box – set the post  – all material is on site

Prep yard for sod, remove rocks and rake as needed

Install landscape plants – need mulch or fill at sidewalk area – need to define flower beds

Sod yard

Touch up all walls

Have carpet installed – may require cutting some doors

Clean the entire house

Install appliances  as needed

Plumbers, HVAC and electric needs to be completed.

Jerry Shell

Thursday, September 13, 2019

A very productive day. Bob D. and Al R. were in site until lunch and Bob S.,.Rick I , Tim and I  worked all day.

The shelves were installed in the three bedrooms and  two of the three closets.

All the door casing was completed.

About 2/3 of the casing was caulked and nail holes filled.

Casing trim under the window sills was installed.

The southwest bedroom base boards were caulked and nail holes filled.

The bi pass doors were assembled and hung and opener units installed.

Tim built the back porch steps and has most  of the railings up.

The plumbers did not come as expected – at least not when we closed up.

Nor do the finish grading crew show. Maybe tomorrow.

Still lots of work to be done and we can use all the help available.  Do expect a crew on Sat.

Laminate floor material  is to be delivered tomorrow.

I will start a punch list after tomorrows work progress.

Is there a layout of the floor covering plan available?

Jerry Shell


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

We had three of us there today. Tom B Jerry S and myself.

We were able to make significant progress.

  1. All the swinging doors are now  hung.
  2. The wire shelving for all the closets has been cut and is ready for installation.
  3. The bathroom vanity has been set and the top installed.
  4. The kitchen cabinets have been set and the tops installed.

We are ready for the plumbers.


We are making good progress but there is much left to do.

– All of the base boards need to installed.

– The floors need to be cleaned

– The vinyl flooring needs to be installed in the laundry room and hall, the bathroom, the foyer, and the kitchen.

– The back deck needs steps and railings installed.

– The entire yard needs to be prepped and sodded.

– The landscaping for the flower beds needs to done

– The entire house needs a good cleaning and we need to caulk and touch-up paint all the woodwork.

We have 17 work days until dedication and need everyone to pitch in to assure we are ready for Oct 6th.



Friday, September 7, 2018

We had a very good  work day with Ken, Karen and I doing a variety of items and our wonderful future home owner Terry faithfully painting all day.  Tim arrived after lunch and helped install  kitchen cabinets.

There are three doors that still need a second coat and one door requiring both coats.

Four door jams were finished painted that had not been finished yesterday.

Four doors have been re-hung and all the bi- pass doors are ready to be hung – they need hardware installed. .

The bi-pass rails are installed.

All the window sills were routed,painted and installed and ready to be caulked.

The baseboard  was cut and installed in the southwest bedroom.

The upper kitchen cabinets are partially installed. We do have one damaged upper cabinet that needs replaced.

Over all very productive day but there is a lot of work that ready to be done.  If we are rained out Tomorrow at Huber Heights we can do a lot at Sandy that is indoor work.  More volunteer workers would be great next week also.

Jerry Shell

Thursday, September 6, 2018

On site today was Jerry, Rick I, Tim and myself.  Tim spent the day getting supplies from Lowes and Habitat.  Jerry covered nails in the door jams, taped hinges, and painted all door jams.  Rick and I painted doors in the garage.  Status of doors:  10 finished (two sides & two coats), 4 two sides & one coat, and 4 not started.

Cabinets were not started, but are ready to go.  Doors need to be finished painting.  Closet by pass doors need to be hung.  All other doors can be reassembled to their jams once painting is complete.  Shelving is available for all closets.  Window blinds are available.  Mail box, post and concrete are available.  Bathroom mirror above vanity is available.  Door stopper hardware is available.  Wood exists and is painted one coat to do all trim and baseboards.  A second coat of paint can be applied on trim and baseboard once installation is complete.

Do not nail the window sills yet as Ken intends to round the edges with his router.  Also,  the extra wood from the window sills could be made into three shelves in the bedroom with the inset for the shower.

Attic insulation was blown in today.

Terry paid us a visit at the end of the day and said she will be back tomorrow to help paint.

Plenty of water on site with an extra bag of ice in the spare cooler.

Bob Duplain

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Ken and I were the team today.  Accomplishments included:  installing the remaining door jams and hanging all hinged doors, cutting all window sills, and placing the kitchen base cabinets in the kitchen.  No painting was done today.

Tim is to be on site tomorrow and Ken will not be available.  Plan is to install the kitchen cabinets. Other work is painting all doors a second coat and the slider doors two coats and putting the bottom wood trim on the front porch posts. Once the slider doors are painted they can be hung on the aluminum rails.  We have the compressor and air guns on site for trim and baseboards.

Rick I., if you are not coming tomorrow with ice, please let me know.  We have plenty of water and I brought ice today.

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Progress continued today on Sandy Drive. Janet showed up and painted a bunch of doors. Ken came and installed jams on six doors. I pulled up the pins and forms from the sidewalk and driveway, then helped Ken. The water was turned on.

Consensus is that there is no need to 2nd coat the casing and baseboard, as they will be touched up again after installing. So there are 6/7 doors ready for the 2nd coat, and many, especially closet doors, that need 2 coats. ( the pantry door needs a 2nd coat, and the utility doors need 2 coats – they are up inside. )

Door case can be installed, then base, but at 3:15 there was no nailing equipment to do so. Ken may be able to be there Wed., and would bring his nailer, but that’s not for sure.

Ice is again an important item – there is still water.

Bob Gray