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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Today we dedicated the Sandy Drive house and turned over the house keys to the Terry Pate Family.

Thanks to all who helped with the building and financing of this home.

Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Jerry, Ken and I had the honors of the last “work” day at the Ctbs 2018 house build.  The house looks great and everyone who has been associated with this build should feel proud of completing a  spectacular house for Terry and her family.  Thank you to the entire team that made this happen.

Accomplishments today included:  interior doors were cut to fit the carpet height and guides were installed,  kitchen led light was installed, exterior doors sills were cleaned, garage was cleaned and organized, sod was thoroughly soaked, and carpet protector was laid.

For the rest of this week:  Appliances are to be delivered on Thursday,  Ken will be at the house on Thursday for watering the sod, and Jerry/Karen will be responsible for watering the sod on Friday.

Bill,  the sod provider should be notified to pick up their pallets located on the front east side of the house.

I saw the neighbor behind us as I was watering the sod and she complimented us on the appearance of the house.  I asked her if she was coming to the open house and she was not aware of our Saturday event.  I invited her and said it would be a good time to meet Terry.  (It would seem to make sense to invite all neighbors to this event to welcome Terry to the neighbor and learn more about Habitat.)

Bob Duplain

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Today was sod day. Roger D., Hank B., Tom B., Rick I., Janet E., Bob D., Jerry S.,Ted S., Al R. and myself were present for the laying of the sod.

The delivery was delayed until almost noon, but with this group we were able to get the sod laid before 3:00PM. It gives the house a finished look. We also were able to get the cardboard out of the house and we started cleaning the garage.

The carpeting is complete and tomorrow we can cut-off and hang closet doors, We can wash the vinyl floors and seal the thresholds to the vinyl flooring.

Also we will water the sod.

The house looks so good! Terry will be very pleased . The dedication should be another celebration for another home ready for the partner family.


Monday, October 1, 2018

The sod laying for Tuesday is the last major activity. Based on the response I am expecting around 8 eager participants. Since the carpet is being laid that day try to leave plenty of room on the front of the house.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. As indicated in Al’s email the sod is expected between 8 and 9. Bring gloves if you can.

Saturday, October 6, House Dedication 9 a.m.

Please join us as we dedicate and turn over the house keys to Terry Pate and family.

Friday, September 28, 2018

On Friday it was Karen and I. We cleaned the bathroom and laundry area. We also cleaned and mopped the floor in the areas to be carpeted. Karen cleaned the baseboards and other wood work areas. Several areas will required touch up paint including the rear door interior.

Tim was there for the electrical inspection which we passed.

The house looks good but we will have several tasks after the carpets are installed.

1- Closet doors will need to be cut off, rehung and guides on the floor installed,\.

2- Baseboards will need to be checked and possibly touch up painted from marring from the carpet installation.

3- The entire house will need to be inspected and necessary corrective action taken. The areas at the threshold of the 3 entrance doors as well as the bathtub need to be caulked with clear caulk. I will bring the caulk

The light in the eating area/ kitchen needs to be switched to the proper fixture.

4- The garage needs to be cleaned and all tools and remaining materials removed.

I am sure we will find numerous other things during the final inspection.


The sod laying for Tuesday is the last major activity. Based on the response I am expecting around 8 eager participants. Since the carpet is being laid that day try to leave plenty of room on the front of the house.

The dumpster is supposed to be moved on Tuesday so any trash should be disposed of early in the day.

Looking forward to seeing everyone. As indicated in Al’s email the sod is expected between 8 and 9. Bring gloves if you can.


Wednesday, September 26, 2018



Tuesday, September 25, 2018

We had a great group of eight from Chase Bank along with Ken E.,Tom B. Tim, and I. And despite the drizzle and mud had a great day.

The following was accomplished:

The two storm doors were purchased and installed.

The crew did an excellent job touching up paint, cleaning cabinets after the plumbing,and other cleaning as needed.

The shelves in the bedroom were installed and caulked.

The vanity was secured to the wall.

The cabinet gap was filled.

The stove duct cover was installed.

The mail box was installed.

The sidewalk edging was completed.

The garage wall was sanded but not re-mudded.

A lot if effort was put fork to clean the dropped paint and drywall mud off the garage floor and driveway. More work needed.

Tim and Ken picked up the landscape plants,compost and mulch in the morning and  after lunch the Bank crew spread compost and mulch and planted all the donated plants.   Yes it was a bit muddy but it looks great.

We were approved on our plumbing inspection.

Need electric and HVAC yet. 

Carter picked up the damaged cabinet and delivered a ceiling fan for the great room.

 It is still planned to lay Sod on Thursday.  Correct?  WE NEED LOTS OF HELP. 

No work is scheduled for tomorrow

   Jerry Shell

Saturday, September 22, 2018

When we left the site today, everything was in good shape.  Roger and I had 5 volunteers from WPAFB as well as Bob Swab (caulker extraordinary).

All the white painting was completed – 2 coats on second side of garage door, all the sills including under the sill trim, all the casings, all the baseboards.

All the wall touch ups were completed except in the bathroom – some repairs were made and will need sanding and paint.

The drywall in the garage was tapped and nail heads spackled.

All the interior floors except where the cardboard is were vacuumed. Half of the garage was vacuumed.

All the kitchen cupboards were cleaned.

The bathroom vanity cabinets were cleaned.

All the yard work was completed including rock collecting, the filling in by the aprons and trimming the sidewalks so the new sod will be even at the edge. Also all the hay, skids, and lumber by the trailer was hauled away or trashed. The old electrical box needs to be collected by the electricians or trashed.

All the counter tops were caulked.

All the windows were washed inside and out.

The three bedroom shelves were placed in the bedroom but not fastened.

All the paint brushes were thoroughly cleaned.

The work table and tools were cleaned and organized.

In cleaning the kitchen cabinets two issues came up.

  1. There is a hole where the two upper cabinets meet in the corner that would allow items on the shelves to fall through to the countertop. A piece of wood was left on the countertop as a possible stop cap.
  2. The upper corner cabinet next to the sink appears to have the door opening on the wrong side (may be a matter of opinion).

Roger and I tried to level the vanity in the bathroom.  In tightening the last screw it would not tighten.  The cabinet  probably needs a moly or two which we didn’t find till the end of the day so it still needs some work.

We did not do any touch up on the back porch.  The green tape needs to be removed from the front porch.

Very busy and profitable day!


Friday, September 21, 2018

A very worm but productive day.  Ken E., Bob D., Karen C. and I and two volunteers including Terry our soon to be home owner were in site. Tim was also on site today.   We continued to work on the punch list with good progress.

The Kitchen vent installation is completed.

All flooring is done.

All base board are installed but not all caulked yet.

The water heater was set and wired by Tim in prep for the plumbers

The mail box post was set.

The front porch railing and back porch wood was second coated.

Part of the sidewalk edging was done.

The door bell switch was moved to allow the installation of the storm door.

A trim molding was installed  on the ceiling step in the garage.

Shelving supports were installed in the east bedroom –  See attached list to complete.

All kick boards and cabinet trim was installed.

All door stops installed.

Last counter top was delivered and installed.

Continued touch trim painting

Several other need items.

The plan is to do the landscaping on  Tuesday next week.   Ken will pickup the plants ,the Mulch and compost all donated by Deals


We can use all the help we can get on those days especially in Thursday.  –  Hank can you send out an email to the CtBS group asking for any help available.

The plumber is scheduled for Monday (I hope) and we are ready.

I am updating the punch list :

Some baseboard still needs caulk and nail holes filled

The baseboard and trim touch continues as needed.

Need to caulk around counter top

Ken will build a box around the stove vent pipe-  he has the material.

The replacement garage entry door was delivered today and was painted two coats on one side only the other side need two coats of paint then the door can be rehung.

The wall touch up needs to be done, at green tape on walls, especially in closets at shelving and many other areas.

All cabinets can be cleaned – Some must be done after the plumbing is done.

All  floors can be vacuumed in prep for carpet.

Window frames need to be cleaned and windows washed

Screens need to be installed.

The mail box can be installed.

Finish edging of sidewalks.

Fill  in at the apron where forms were removed – Get dirt from back yard.

Second coat three shelves in garage then install in east bedroom.

The back porch need some touch-up where spots were missed.

The drywall added in the garage needs screw head mudded and the seams and corners need to be taped, first coat.

Some items on previous list are still to be done and this may not be a complete list,add as necessary.

Jerry Shell


Thursday, September 20, 2018

Another constructive day. We had Jerry S, Bob D., Ron E., Rick I, Tim, J and myself on site.

We have installed all of the blinds,

We laid the flooring in the kitchen, pantry, entry way and guest closet.

We installed underlayment for the vinyl flooring in the bathroom and laundry room.

The vinyl was rough cut and loosely laid.  Adhesive was applied on half of each room so this part can be finished tomorrow.

We discussed the landscaping and laying of the sod.

We are requesting to pickup and do the landscaping on Tuesday. I will get a trailer to pickup these materials. Dave G if you would please give Deals the schedule so I can pick everything up on Tuesday as soon as they open.

We are proposing that we lay the sod next Thursday. I will request Bill to have the sod delivered on Thursday early AM. We will need as many workers as possible to help on this day.

We are rapidly approaching the final touch-up paint and cleaning phase on this house. Thanks to everyone who has stepped up to help get us to this point and please continue for 2 more weeks so we can dedicate this house for Terry.