Friday, August 10, 2018

Today we worked on drywall with the help of Hank. Belinda, Steve, Karen and I with Tims help when he was not running errands. The only remaining drywall to be installed is in the great room, the entry closet and the south wall in the garage and  should be completed tomorrow.  We do need to cut the window framing pieces but do not install them.  Tim will let the finisher know we will be ready for them next week asap.

The driveway apron gravel was delivered today also.  The garage door installation is scheduled for next week also.

Site Work:  Complete the drywall installation.

Cut the window frame drywall pieces but do not install.

Check that  all drywall screws are set below the wall surface.

Reinstall the driveway forms that were knocked loose.

Reset the forms at the apron.

Spread the gravel in the apron area to give a 7 inch concrete thickness.

Spread the remainder if the gravel in the driveway

Set the deck posts in concrete. Karen has the line up.

Install trim around the base of the porch posts ( will need a chop saw not on site.)

Any thing else I forgot to list.

Jerry Shell


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