Friday, August 16, 2019

Today two volunteers and myself were on the site. One volunteer was Bob Swab who was here to work for the first time this summer.  Alyssa had seen a note at St Henry’s about volunteers being needed.  Between the three of us, all the baseboards were second coated along with the boards for sills, and the side door.  All the staple holes in the door frames were spackled and sanded.  All the door hinges with blue taped so the door frames are ready for paint. The second coated baseboards were left to dry on top of the cabinet boxes in the living room.

To do:

Remove doors from hinges and paint

Cut sills

Hang closet shelving

Install lock hardware on the shed doors

Support boards installed in shed rafters.

Install luan in up stairs bathroom

Roger and I only have 1 volunteer for tomorrow, so would welcome anyone who can come and help.


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