Friday, August 17, 2018

Karen, Tim and I were on site until noon today. We completed the aluminum wrap on the porch between rain showers, rebuilt the garage entry step and rechecked the drywall screw sets and add some needed screws.  The drywall corner beads and window wrap is done but no taping or mudding has been started as of noon today.

The gravel in the driveway and apron needs to be releveled to get the needed concrete depth.

The porch post metal bases can be covered with trim board. Boards is on site and Tim has his chop saw.

The extra siding and soffit material, temporary electric post, hard hats, and extra insulation can be returned to Habitat  office.

The large pod needs to be emptied. The wood can be put in the other pod.

There are people scheduled for Sat. but next week we are at  the mercy if the drywall finishers.  Follow the Habitat Volunteer sign up site  to see when the next work is scheduled or if anyone gets word let everyone know.

Jerry   Shell


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