Friday, August 23, 2019

No volunteers signed up for today, but two of our regulars were present – Steve and Dick. 

Steve got busy with finishing the installation of the kitchen cabinets.  He even put trim around the top edges to give them a finished look.  He also put in the cabinet shelves and tweaked the doors. Next he cut the sill for the kitchen window.  He was unable to cut the sills for the upstairs bedrooms, because the purchased wood was too narrow.  It was a 6” board and it needs an 8” board, 8 “ long.

Dick painted the inside and outside of the shed doors with exterior paint. It is ready for a second coat.

I brought some joint compound and filled the holes where the wire shelving braces were moved.  They may need some more compound and then sanded.  I seconded coated all the panel doors and coated one side of the louvered door.  I believe there are three hinged doors that still need a second coat.  I did not paint any hinged doors.

Detmer was there most of the day and completed the installation of all the electric. There was one correction that required opening a wall by the stairs.  I did not check to see how they repaired the wall. The electric works including the door bell.

Whatever product that is needed to repair the cracked concrete needs to be purchased.

The door frames need to be painted, so we aren’t done with paint yet.

We hope to have a big group tomorrow – Sinclair’s baseball team.


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