Friday, August 30, 2019

(No work again till Tuesday, September 3rd)

Steve, Kristen and I were at the site 1st thing this morning.  Steve continued laying the flooring.  He tackled the furnace room which was a challenge, and completed a few rows in front of the cabinets.

Kristen and I set up the chop saw and compressor on the porch.  We trimmed the pantry door with casing except for the inside strip that needs a special piece.  The piece will probably be a length of white quarter round. We also cased one side of the furnace room door.  We completed all the baseboard in the living/dining area except by where it connects with the stairway.  We also did the pantry closet except where it butts up with missing piece of casing. As the big nailer got low on nails, we could not get it to fire a nail, evidenced by several holes with no nails. We didn’t have more nails to reload the gun, so some of the pantry casing and baseboard need those nails.

David Leach came late but was able to help Roger, who also stopped by, to lay out the sizing on a piece of trim board for the side of the stairs.  David also sanded and remudded the patched wall and did a little bit of nail hole filling of the baseboard.

Roger will cut the trim board at home.  He is also buying more nails for the big nailer to be available on Tuesday.

Steve, the new Habitat employee, was there to grade for the side walk that runs from the parking pad to the house side door.  Some work still needs to be done.

It poured down rain just as I was locking up.

The casings for the access holes look great. There is one hole in the bedroom still to do.  The closet doors are set in the closet so the hole can’t be seen without moving them.

Lots of hole filling and chalking to do on the newly installed casing and baseboards.

Still lots of flooring to lay.

A very pleasant day.


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